Season 2 PvP

LMAO, you must be new to wow.

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Yea tell devs to make a huge ingame ui message in big bold colors to dhs paladins and dks about their defensives and when to use them

He might be but he isnt wrong

He is, solar beam is kind of new, also cyclone. Druids did not have that. You could only use roots outside.

Idk, I like the bursty meta, but I do agree damage needs toned down some.

what are you smoking? Want a puff of the crap i spew out more derranged than that?

Thanks for the post. Extremely disappointing to here the PVP Community Council is non-existent since the recent poll indicates dragonflight pvp is the 2nd most popular content in the World of Warcraft franchise - contrary to the attention the Raid and M+ has gotten in recent blue posts.

No disagreements on your feedback. The lack of balance tuning is extremely frustrating for the pvp community and encourages non-participation until changes, the catalyst availability and mmr inflation.

The argument to wait for data is a joke tbh. The data is clear as day and hasn’t changed since the first week of the season.

Wasn’t that added in cata


I just remember, I was there, it has not always been like this.

Cataclysm was twelve (12) years ago. :dracthyr_love_animated: :dracthyr_love_animated: :dracthyr_love_animated:

Time for bed grandma


When did they make roots usable outdoors? Was that wrath?

Cyclone has been since 2008 patch 2.0.1 very early in this games life time an Solar Beam was in Cata 2010 patch 4.0.1.
Both of these abilities have been in the game for a very long time.

Are YOU new?


I was there. Cata is like really late for wow.

New orgrimmar has been around longer than old orgrimmar

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Time flies.

Stay strong my brother of the sword. Do not allow this nightgown wearing creature to get into your mind

I saw that! :eye:

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