Season 1 Updated End Date?

With the 10.1 original target date of May 2nd that is now moved to May 9th, will the end of Dragonflight PVP season 1 be May 8th at 22:00? Just wanted some clarity because I have reserve duty next weekend and need to coordinate hard dates for securing glad in 3s. I have also noticed A LOT of last minute players being more active to try and get those rewards before the season is over and this update was posted 18 days ago. Thank you.


Its okay, I don’t care. If its 2 weeks late, 2 weeks early. Not like I can’t wait to see the AMAZING new patch. gasps Nothing new incoming, same old grind and re-gear etc etc. lol

I thought 10.1 comes on May 2nd, and Season 2 doesn’t start until May 9th?

Did that change?

No. Nobody reporting a delay for 10.1. No idea what OP is talking about.


They delayed season 2 a week.

Not sure if that means 10.1? Or do we get a week of seaaon 1 on 10.1? Thatd be werid

Pretty sure the season starting a week after patch release is the norm?


The clarity is that all the dates that were announced are still the same dates. There have been no delays whatsoever.

Season 1 will end 9/1 @10pm. as originally announced.
Patch drops 9/2
The game will be a whole week without a “season”, as it always has, as previously announced.
Season 2 will start 9/9 after maintenance / reset. As previously announced.

Nothing has changed.

Its always a week late from the original patch

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Thank you.

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don’t you mean 5 as in May, the 5th month, not 9 as in Sept?

or what are you talking about with 9’s?