SEA returning player LF GMT+8 guild

Hello all,

As the title suggests, I am looking for a normal or AOTC guild that raids at times conducive for SEA players (GMT +8 or -3 hours ST). I am currently on Horde-Barthilas but I can server/faction transfer if required. Ideally would like to play a healer but happy to fill any roles as required.

Thank you.
BNet: LuaKH#6572

Hey mate,

I’ve sent you a Bnet request.


Hey, Phantom Blade is my guild, we are looking for heroic raiders I think you would be an amazing fit. A bit about Phantom Blade. We are a very LGBTQIA+ inclusive guild. Phantom Blade is a horde based guild on Nagrand . We are looking to raid heroic and clearing AOTC on Monday and Wednesday 7pm - 9pm ST starting with a 2/3/6-9 or 2/4/9-11, currently look for another tank 4 healers and 8 dps.
We are going to be completing mythic dungeons with the intention of getting KSM which is going to be a great way to connect with your potential guildies.

Bent - Zakii#3471