[H] [Barthilas] <Handle It> Is Recruiting For Heroic / Mythic Dragonflight!

:dragon: Many Whelps! Handle It! :dragon:

Handle It [Horde][Barthilas] are looking for a few more players to fill out our raid roster with the intent to push Mythic Progression in all of Dragonflight~! :dragon_face:

Established in 2009 Cataclysm Expansion, has maintained a strong presence in End-Game Raiding content since its inception, Achieving A.O.T.C. quickly and then progressing on with Mythic Raiding (numbers permitting) every single tier.

Desired Classes: Range Classes ( Hunter, Mage, Balance Druid ect)

Other DPS classes will be accepted for exceptional players.

Raid Times :clock7:

8:15pm - 11:30pm AEST
Monday (During Progression)

Sunday (Casual Alt Raid Night)

Sunday Nights we run a Casual Raid Night for everybody and anybody who would like to come! (Casuals Welcome). We also run Mythic+ Keystone Nights on Friday and Saturdays. As well as regular events such as Tmog Contests, Mount & Achievement Runs every Tier, Races, Farming Competitions and More!!! :clown_face:

Contact our GM for more information!
Furby#12342 :bear:

Or one of the officers!

You wont be disappointed ! (or have to worry about 50 DKP- ) :dragon:

Bump left side!

join us… RAWR!

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Hello there, I am a returning player looking for some folks to play with. My raid experience is very minimal in WOW but I have been part of some progression raid groups in other MMOs. I main a Rogue if you are looking for any more melee dps, however I am willing to fill any other roles that you may need. I would have to transfer realms, so please let me know if you happen to have an open spot available. Thanks.
My Bnet is Bigswish#1550

Hiya Darkstryker. We are pretty full on melee and would prefer a range but we would love to have you. Ive sent u a btag request to chat more about it .


Hi there! I’d love to join the team as a BM Hunter or a Bal Druid. I’m not an experienced player in regards to raiding progression, but I’m ready to take the next step and find a community where I can prove my mettle and further my skills come Dragonflight. I’ve played on/off since Cataclysm, and I know the game well. I play many classes, but I don’t yet have a true main for DF. Luckily, this is far less indecision than it is a willingness to fit form when joining a team, and I’m perfectly able to iron something out and prepare it for launch day, maybe even with some community input to find the best utility. Aside from that, I’m perfectly willing to take the initiative to dedicate myself to playing Hunter, although I will likely have a few alts to support a range of playstyles.

If you want to discuss further, my bnet is “Lumick#11292”.

Dragon Flight in a day HYPE

:dragon: :dragon: :dragon: MANY WHELPS!!! HANDLE IT!!! :dragon: :dragon: :dragon:

Hi :slight_smile: I currently main a hunter but i am open to trying new classes. I did some heroic rading in the shadowlands with a previous guild and i would like to join a fun guild that is also happy to do some heroic content. My discord is Julz#0360 and Battletag Sniparh#1205

Warlock interested in talking to you if still looking for players. Wobblymoo#6375 on bnet

we are still looking will have someone contact you asap Krazqt

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Hi are you guys looking for a restro druid?
Im a very reliable raider who loves to help guilders gear and push keys
Im basically only healed on retail so you wont be disappointed by my healing skills

Looking for more dps to start mythic prog.

Bump to the top! more DPS to handle the whelps please.

Hi, I am a relatively new priest looking to find a guild to raid and play with. My iLevel is 350. I don’t mind playing a discipline, shadow or holy priest as I am open to playing whatever is needed. I’m not very experienced as this is my first level 70 character, but i would love to learn with people who are interested in having fun :slight_smile:

We are still looking for more raiders. looking for more DPS classes, monk, shaman, rogue, boomy, for the upcomming new teir.

10.1 is coming! Still looking for more DPS to join us to clear heroic and get into mythic!