Scarlet Monestary Keys - Old Dungeon

It’s been found that the event loot filled pumpkins can now have a chance of dropping a Scarlet Monestary keys giving the player access to the old version of Scarlet Monestary. People are now wondering if these event keys are going to be specifically dropping at presumably a lower- mid range for the duration of only this event and no longer?

The keys are able to be traded on the Auction House apparently. Is this something people should be acutely aware of while farming this event?


The tradeable Scarlet Key should drop in both the Loot-filled Pumpkin and Arcanist Doan’s chest in the legacy Scarlet Monastery.

In the latter case, it will continue to drop after Hallow’s End ends.


Thanks for the clarification, Kaivax, just need to ask something else. We’ve noticed that you can only loot Doan’s chest for the key once per account (it completes quest flag 77213 if it helps to send the info back to the devs).

Is it intended for us to be able to only loot the key from Doan’s chest once?