PSA: Vanilla Scarlet Monastery Unlock, NO FOMO!

For those who don’t know you can now get the old Scarlet Key and unlock the old version of Scarlet Monastery.

The unlock is account wide and you get the key through the loot filled pumpkin.

HOWEVER, once you have the key and the old instances unlocked you can go into the Library Wing and get more keys from the chest and give it to your friends! (Remember cross realm trading is a thing now too!).

EDIT: Right now it seems you can only loot the Strongbox once on a character and resetting the instance doesn’t make it respawn.

EDIT 2: I’m not seeing the chest on other characters, this could be a bug or a hotfix, will update if further information comes available.

EDIT 3: Seems to be a bug according to Kaivax’s post this is intended. I will make an update when its fixed.


so rng on top of rng lol


No, the chest at the end of the old Library Wing is a 100% key drop.


Nice! I like that they’re bringing back the old versions of classic dungeons.


oh thats nice

Ya, so if your friend gets a key, they can go into Library and grab a key for you. This ensures that after Hallows End people can still get the keys.

Also you can sell it on the AH too.

oh i know on the ah my realm has not posted one yet lol

Is the first key from the Horseman drop rng tho? I know you gotta do the hard mode version of it but is it a 100% drop chance?

It’s not 100% chance, but it is a very high chance. I got it on my 1st try with all 4 wicker men.

However if you friend/guildie gets one they can zone into Library, go to the end and loot the chest by Archivist Doan which is 100%.

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At the end of armory and do not see a chest.

Oooh, got the key on my second toon.

Got the Dragonriding pumpkin thing on my first toon.

No mount yet though, trying to get toon number 5 in before I get the kiddos from school.

It’s been a long long while since I did SM, anything interesting in there?

did you had to do hard mode?
for the key

Its the old strongbox, in the Old Instance of SM

I did do hard mode, yes and I got the key, did not know it was hard mode only until I just read that here.

Oh ok going to run Lib then

k ty

Whoops just realized I typed the wrong side, was farming Armory for tabards on alts. Posts have been corrected to say Library.

I like it to. But I don’t like how they are implementing it.

Is it really that hard, to just, add it back in. With all of the old original 1-60 content as well, swap via chromie time, and be done with it.

Like why do I have to do this easter egg, headless horseman bullcorn just to do an old instance.


Looting the chest key completes quest 77213 again lol

Who cares

It takes 2 minutes to kill HM horseman and get the key. Have fun after that.