Scared of Girls? Hate Music and Canadians? Don't look here!

Nexus [H] Turalyon 3/8H, (AOTC BoD) is Looking for a few more good Raiders and Socials to join our zany community

About Us: We are a guild that’s biggest priority is having fun while killing monsters. We believe that raid progression is important and want to push, but not at the cost of toxicity. We have a good raid group that works well together, but are looking for a few more like minded players to kill the pixels with. We want our raiders to have the right attitude to push content, but the ability to have fun in an adult environment at the same time.

(A fierce love of cats, dogs and weird pets, blue hair, tattoos, anime, too many shoes or obscure music is a plus!)

We are a mature guild, with average age ranging in the 30s-40s. (We have many families, and completely understand real life priorities.) We spend a good amount of time in discord, both text and chat, and have a lot of fun together.

We have static key groups so we don’t all have to be stuck pugging anymore, and plan to keep pushing.

We also enjoy time together doing things other than raiding, such as achievements, mount runs, and even other games!

We are looking for someone who wants to have a good time in an adult environment and down content.

Nexus also hosts an alt/fun/community/drunk raid on every Saturday!

Casuals, noobs and crazy animals accepted and welcome.

If you are looking for a home, not just a place to raid, we might be just what you are looking for!

(Also currently welcoming groups; either players together or guilds that are interested in merging. Please contact us for more details!)

Progression raids: Tues/Thurs 7:30pm-10:30pm EST

Requirements for Progression Raids: Dependability, high attendance, good attitude, knowledge of your class, and the ability to have fun in an adult environment.

Currently looking for:

Tank: Off Tank or Off spec, Monk, DK, Pali

Healer: Pali, Shammie, Druid - High Priority

Melee: Warrior, DK, Monk, Rogue - High Priority

Ranged: Considered

We always are happy to talk to any good player who fits our requirements for raiding whether you are on that list or not!


Btag: Blue#1985 or taransula#1161

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Your posts always make me laugh.

I aim to please!

Community Alt/Drunk raid tonight, come check us out!

This sounds interesting…i hate girls…

Community runs on Saturdays sounds fun!

This post is fun!

drunk antorus, lets go

This looks promising!

I am very interrested! I currently play my 391 boomkin but have also been wanting to play my disc/shadow priest so I could be either.

Raptor#1496 is my btag.

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Great to have you around!

Gearing up for 8.2!

Dont forget Sat community raid sat!

I would like to join could i get an invite BT: MadaboutIT

My daughter and I are looking to change guilds / server. She is 20 and a 120 dh. BT is Mistymeaner#1858

sent replies!

This looks like a great group!

Hi, i just return from a 3 month break and i am currently looking for a guild to play with, currently on Zul’jin server but i am willing to change server if you want me to be part of your guild. I’m a casual player, mostly playing on weekend. BattleTags : alex11223#1490

excellent, I’ll send you a message

Still looking for Warriors? =D