Scaling Corruption Effects

FYI 10 Chars

I saw that edit.

I think it’s a late change to something that should have been based on item level to begin with. Not a fan of indirect scaling.

Sadly they are not hitting the main one ruinning pvp. which is echoing void.

I got a 415 Echoing on my alt and it was my #1 damage every 2s match tonight. Idk how this flew under the radar.

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I was playing some Cupid earlier and my Hunter’s Eye beams were still 40%+ of his damage. We’d lose to double DH/Monk with Echoing Void doing 600k+ damage.

Nothing’s really changed.

don’t think this even does much, just makes a 400 ilvl corruption not the same as a 470 corruption. the good ones are still worth multiple gear slots of stats.