Says that i have a wow 1 and wow 3 on dropdown menu on beta

so i want to know if i am flagged for beta or if something else was weird about this.
it says that i have 2 accounts and when i log onto wow 1 it says no realms are currently available, and when i log onto wow 3 it says that i have the stress test realm available. so what now?

WoW#1 under the “In Development” section is likely just the PTR, which I do not believe is up right now. Did you check your email? I should have had one there for the Stress Test, which is also not currently active.

The next Stress Test is scheduled for June 19th.

So are they changing their minds on having an additional Stress Test on 29 MAY 2019?

I am only going by the blog, so if Community has posted elsewhere with new information, I’d go off of that.

Edit: It looks like that post is just a couple of hours old, so I’d say that is definitely new information and they are planning an additional test period based on the last stress test. So, yeah, go off of that. :slight_smile:


What about a second account on the Beta and Stress test profile? Would i be stopped from logging in if i dont have sub time but have been selected for beta?

I think one of the requirements for the beta is to have game time on your account.

nah, no beta. But they baited me into giving them $19 on my other account for a chance LOL. At least i was going to play that account anyways this month.