Save 50% on Select Pets, Mounts, and More During Our Summer Sale!

Are you kidding me? Dev(s) as in plural?!

Its all run by one guy, his name is Alan, he tries his bloody hardest though.


Are you doing a 50% sale on level boosts since it takes 50% of the time to level now?


Nice, this is awesome. There are a few things I will be picking up with this sale! Thank you, Blizzard! You always pull through in the end.


As a long owner of the Quillen…

I HIGHLY recommend everyone to get it. It’s such a great mount!


cracking knuckles
Time to upgrade some accounts and be a MB just to piss off GD!!!



lol. nice one.

Is it possible to buy an item but don’t use it or gift to a friend? I want to hand some out at Christmas but I don’t know how to do it?

I think I’ve used my MoP mount like 3 times the entire time I’ve had it.
Each time it was to just show someone how fugly it is.
It looks like Kenny the white tiger.


My husband and I split the cost of the MoP CE when it first came out, and then we split the stuff inside, with him getting the Imperial Quilen. This would have been fine if he hadn’t quit the game that same year and never come back.

At last, I can have my own copy of the mount that has been imprisoned in his account for the last eight years. It’s perfect for my Kul Tiran monk: color scheme, physique, and everything.


You mean delay? No, you must but it NOW and send it NOW to said person.

There’s a service that lets you have accounts connected and use each other’s mount, toys, pets, ect but still have to individually pay for sub on each account. Why didn’t you do this? The only downside is, you see any whispers he gets and vice versa…so it can maybe get awkward in your chat.

Or 120 who manage to do very little :smile:

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My guess would be 12 monkeys with a type writer and a lot of laxatives.
Would explain BFA pretty well.

If I wasn’t so close to my Feltalon I might pass on this, but…I may have to buy the couple of mounts I don’t have yet for that price.

We need more people like you around :heart:
As someone who only started playing WoW in Legion, I like that I can get some stuff I missed out on.

To be fair, you can buy the code to Pandaria CE and get it anyway, so its not exclusive at all. But yeah, the AH mount should stay.

I didn’t know about that service until recently, and he doesn’t remember his Battlenet login or have any desire to contact Blizz about it. I’ve never really minded, though. It’s just nice to be able to pick up the Imperial Quilen for my own account since it’s being offered now.

Not really. Statistically speaking those 12 monkeys can write Hamlet.

these people gave tyrande an ability in first version that had her still lose and in the rewrite just had her disappear after the nightwarrior scene entirely.

Bascially…tyrande was better off as a highly ticked off priestess. So I am not even sure what the point of night warrior was.

Lil Rag doubles as a cooking fire so he might be useful for you :slight_smile: But if you’re not feeling it, it’s probably best to wait until something you like catches your eye.

I’m never going to buy another CE. Leaving out the art book and the behind the scenes DVD was bad enough. Now you guys are selling the mounts individually from past ones. Great job Blizzard of insulting all the players that bought the CE in the past. This just gives my more reasons to stop playing your games when it seems like are you’re interested in is money!


Wrath CE pet was Frosty.
And yes, I would buy that.