Save 50% on Select Pets, Mounts, and More During Our Summer Sale!

I was hoping there would be a name change discount

It was available initially one way via digital payment, it never had any value to start.

The only items that had value were the vanilla through cata CEs; TCGs before the WoD duping; the big blizzard bear; and any other item for WoW that was never made available through the store/BMAH.

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking digital goods have any worthwhile value when compared to limited print goods.

Overall good change for blizzard to put the MoP digital deluxe items up again after 6+ years. Creates parity with the WoD/Legion/BFA (and soon to be shadowlands) digital deluxe upgrades.

What a load of tripe.


I wonder if they are going to do it with earlier Collector’s Editions. I would love it as I missed out on them due to financial reasons. However, I can understand if some get upset with that idea.

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No Wrath CE Pengu?
Alas, perhaps next time, Blizzard. You almost had more of my dillarydoos.

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If they reprint the boxes and allow for fair dissemination then it would be ok. Although blizzard would have to ensure no scalpers or people buying out the items in sub 1 minute cause they have lower ping to California, or blizzard posting it in at a time more advantageous to certain time zones.

Why only a select few pets? I was hoping to get the Blossoming Agent on sale :pleading_face:


Meant Ancient, Blossoming Anciet :wink:

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If they would put the Big Blizzard Bear up for sale, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

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I’d love to make 2 big happy families here. Right now its 4 lol.

I have 2 alliance servers, 2 horde. While I have been good at making MG and WRA home for later chars…I still have 4 each on Cael and Nag. I’d like to pay less to just go MG and WRA only. As I have moved some chars full price. That cost adds up really.

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I need to go to a dead realm lmao. I need some things off the BMAH.

I wonder what would happen is blizz focused on fixing class imbalance or PVP instead of working on microtransactions.

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Do you honestly think the developers who work on class design also manage what goes up on the store?



I remembering someone on here saying that the devs play massive favorites with the classes. I could believe that FOTM is intentional.

Can’t really say I’ve seen too many MVPs say that Blizz makes them sick. However, I do not disagree. They have been going downhill this last expansion.


I got the CE, but I am SO HAPPY for players like you who missed out! :smiley: Enjoy your new buddies!


“Hey guys our game is dying and the playerbase is extremely unhappy with BFA as a whole what should we do?”

StORe MoUNt sALe

I don’t know why I expected anything but mostly negativity in this thread.

The devs that flubbed BfA and the devs that work on class design are not the same team(s) that deal with marketing and sales. Does GD think Blizzard is like 12 guys who manage to do EVERYTHING?


way it goes here. But if they did this with services it be win win. Happier fans, well some of us, and it be some money in the pocket.

I will see what is on sale on log in at lunch. I like these sales really. I got my iron reaver mount on sale once. NIce mount and my most used one in areas I can fly. . Real nice at 50% off that I got it at.

well looks like you won…

mop CoE rewards insta buy.

well played.

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