Save 30% on Select Game Services

We’re they 50% in the past? Somehow I thought I remembered race changes always being less than the other service sales. I’m probably wrong.

I think the 50% you’re thinking of is when we’ve done select pets and mounts on sale.

Our January sale also had 30% off.


I just spent like 60 bucks too. Figures

Regarding to sales and stuff like this, As i’ve said before, I would like if they let us choose btween Character Boost or 30day game time for our bonus on purchasing expansion

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Pre-BFA (before allied races), race, appearance, and server transfer sales were always at 50%

Thank you for this, may i humbly request you also give a discount for name changes? since we will be getting in-game gender changes, it would be odd for my newly change male character having a female sounding name and vis versa. I have a lot of character names to change, and a name change discount would help me out a lot. Thank you for considering.


Noice. I was going to buy some race changes last weekend but I decided to wait. Glad I’m a patient guy.

Nice. I was just about to do a race change and server transfer on a character.

Does it include classic transfers or just retail ones?

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Yeeeeeeeeeeees! Very nice!

Please consider doing the same for bundle transfers <3

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Nice!! I have 3 characters I’ve been wanting to transfer.

HAH! I knew I wasn’t losing my mind! :grin:



I stand corrected.

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/Tyrus Blackhorn voice
Thank you, Mortal!

Decisions, decisions.

It’s all good! I’m wrong a lot. Not a big deal. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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RIP. I literally did 2 race changes a week ago, lol. Oh well.

I was just asking about this and almost got one the other day lol.

I do remember it being at 50%. I guess I just can’t remember when they changed it to 30%.


Oho! So I was wrong! My bad. :blush: