Save 30% on Select Game Services

It’s just a desperate cash-grab for an expansion going up in flames amidst a PR nightmare. Nothing more to see.

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How’s about including Name changes in this sale? With the coming option to swap between male and female at the barber… a sale on name changes would be welcome IMO.


Getting that last spurt of money when you can I see!

Can we please get class changes! I’m really a druid trapped inside a mage body.

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I’ve been meaning to get my old druid out from Thunderhorn. It’s just so darn crowded there :face_with_head_bandage:

30 bucks to swap factions? even after the sale I could buy 2 steam games for this. RIP off

Ouchies I just got 3 race changes before the sale. Oh well, grats.

Too true…

I don’t think they would ever put name changes in the game for free or an in game currency. They just didn’t put it on sale.

Seems pretty weak to me. You would think with the inability for them to put the game out on time they would do something better. It’s an automated service, aka free money for them. 50% seems like the least they could do.

I’m gonna use all the services! Because at these prices, I’d lose money if I didn’t! That’s how money works, right?

The candle is still burning!!! :candle: :candle: :candle:

Also, this is good news for the folks farming gold for the Long Boi but for whom they are coming up bit short on their gold pile. Typically, new uses for balance usually drives demand up for tokens bought via gold, so the gold price of tokens rises. If you are just a little short for the Long Boi, it would take fewer tokens bought for real money to close that difference in the final days of it’s availability.

/moo :cow:

I should have known haha, I went Gnome three days ago. Still worth it! I love my cute little gnomish Wild.


So glad I held out for a sale! I’ve been dying to race change this mage but figured there would be a services sale soon. Regular draenei customizations, here I come! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Time seems to be something people don’t mind paying for. Prices would be cheaper if people didn’t buy the services. This is basic supply and demand. I could make my own coffee every day but pay Starbucks to have it ready for me the seconds I get there.

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Any chance we can get a heads-up about this kind of thing? Even 24 hours notice would be nice since I decided to initiate 2 transfers late last night but they were before midnight Pacific time.

try customer service, sometimes they are nice if you bought right before a sale

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just because you can over charge somebody for something doesn’t mean you always should.

I pay for subscriptions and expansions, the fact that game services costs a ton on top of that feels anti consumer. in my opinion anyway, as a non American it’s strange to me anyway.

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Can we just make them free / cost less in general? It’s kind of ridiculous how much these costs even on sale…

Me- Sweet let m xfer/faction my GM.
Also me-Awww needs to pay full price >.>