Save 30% on Select Game Services

Hey, even FF makes you pay for race changes!

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Gender is free in prepatch forever. They will never offer free race/name changes more than likely, people already buy them in droves.

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Except WoW’s story treats us as gods anyway without explaining why compared to FF actually explaining it lol

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In that scenario we would be considered “Avatars” and we can retrain our class profession. But what Am I gonna do with my 50 max level avatars…

Champions, not gods, i mean… we’ve killed gods so I think champion is pretty deserved that this point.

You can’t go back bob.

Ugh… I wish this happened about 4 days ago…


There is always 1 to be caught by this :slight_smile: I also purchased a few realm transfers a month ago.

It’s ok. Other might benefit from it.

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Don’t tempt me more than I already am :weary:

The good people of Northshire Abbey think I’m a goddess. Annihilating konolds with ease. Do their opinions not matter?

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Hopefully the sale sticks while we can try stuff out in the barbershop for prepatch.

I was expecting this. I’ve done 3 faction changes and 2 race changes in the last week and that usually is the precursor to a sale. My luck is so bad with these things.

It’s til Nov. 15, should have plenty of time.


Sale is until Nov 15th so yes it will stick lol

I’m already there and there are way too many vulpera.

Nice now i can move all my bank toons ty

Yes I should have read the article O.o great news everyone!

Does this mean that server merges are over?

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Aww, no name change sale? Would be nice for those that are gender swapping toons.

well being able to change your covenant in SL is possible so then so should being able to change class!

Given that there is no Name change discount i take it as the service for changing names is being removed from the store?