Saurok allied race

You know what? I’ve not really seen this talked about in more than a hushed whisper, and with all the other requests out there I figured I’d throw this metaphorical hat into the ring.

What are Saurok?

Saurok are a race of Lizard-men created by the Mogu in Pandaria. While many fought in service to those masters, a good number still managed to escape and, after toppling the Mogu empire, it’s likely that a good number of them are still running about in the world - potentially enough to justify a splinter faction, not dissimilar to the Forsaken in their concept of having free will.

Why should they be playable?

Good question! Saurok fill a unique niche, in that there are currently NO reptillian player-races. Everything we currently have is mammalian by nature (unless Trolls count as something different?)
In addition, Saurok already use the Worgen skeleton, so compared to building an entire new race, it shouldn’t be too difficult to rig them to use player gear models, especially since the Worgen model is getting a ton of love in 8.2.5.

What faction would they join?

I’m actually not sure about this one. The Horde seems to fit aesthetically with its monstrous appearance, as well as its theme of “banding together to survive in a world that reviles us,” although the Alliance may coax them over to fighting the Zandalari that once allied with their former chainholders.

Potential problems?

It would seem that the Saurok are… relatively stupid. HOWEVER! The Goblins used to be null-brained dimwits until their contact with Kaja’Mite. It’s not unheard of, then, for a Warcraft race to gain intelligence rapidly.

Another issue might be that our Pandaren allies wouldn’t be eager to jump in bed with a race of what they perceive to be uncultured, barbarous destroyers. In fact, this could present an interesting story moment in their recruitment quest, as well as the inevitable Pandaren heritage armor quest line. I’d be more intrigued than anything to see how Blizzard writes this.

Anyways, that’s my wall of text. What do you think? Would you play as a Saurok? Would you support their addition as an allied race?


Lizard Entertainment :smiley:


If Jinyu and Hozen didn’t get to be a race, Saurok don’t have a chance in shucks.

Disagree; Jinyu and Hozen are locked to Pandaria, so it’s likely we won’t see them again unless we return there for a new expansion overhauling the old world Cata-style.

Also, Hozen can’t really hold weapons since they use their arms to walk. They’d be awkward to play and model, and generally wouldn’t look good.

Meanwhile, after we destroyed the Thunder King, the fate of the Saurok is still uncertain. They could still be in service to the remaining Mogu, they could be extinct entirely, or they could be in hiding near Zandalar.

Personally? I’d like to see an expansion that takes place almost entirely underground, within the depths of Azeroth, Journey to the Center of the Earth, deeper-than-Deepholm style. If Saurok pop up there, it’d not only fit with real-life mythology of Lizardfolk living underground, it’d be an opportunity for Blizzard to reintegrate them into the story.


But we got Mag’har orcs well after WoD without revisiting WoD

Aren’t the Saurok crazed and unintelligent?

I’d like some lizard-folk, that’s what I play in most games that allow it, but I’m pretty sure that Saurok don’t fit the bill of a playable race at all.

Seeing as they are basically monsters.

Jinyu, especially their Ankoan cousins are not only a possible allied race, but likely even. Especially considering they use the night elf skeleton.

There’s hozen in zuldazar! Some has wings now


I’d love to see a reptilian race, but I would pick Sethrak over Saurok every time. Saurok society just hasn’t shown itself to be anything that would play well with others.

Perfect for the Alliance.:rofl:

You guys take the Lizard dudes, we’ll take the Mogu. Since we’re already in bed with one past bitter enemy from MoP.

Hey, you orcs are the ones that get bent out of shape about everything and go into a frothing rage.

As a warrior, I respect that, but you don’t have any room to talk. :laughing:

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Oh… Oh my god, you’ve solved it! Blizzard is a company for the Lizard people!

Well said of many of my brethren, but I’m a Marksman Hunter. Getting bent out of shape and into frothing rage interferes with trigger discipline. :smiley:

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If you look closely at Ion’s pictures, you can see they’ve retouched his complexion to hide the fine scales. :scream:

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It’s all coming together now!