Saurfang/sylvanas choice

Thanks a lot … So you ONLY get a warning box if when zappy boy comes up to you and you pick “I will not betray my warchief” … if you ACCEPT the quest - there is NO warning box to say there is no changing your mind AFTER this.
I accepted the quest, thinking it would be like “ok let’s see where this goes”. And then when you come to the point of defending Saurfang and you speak to him … you would then get an option to also say “I will” (side with him) or “I won’t” … nope no option to change your mind at that point. So now I’m mighty pissed off as I did NOT want to side with Saurfang on my main. But I had no warning box to state that that early point was the only place where you had the option to side or not. Great writing.

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100% Same. I didn’t look into the quest line because I didn’t want spoilers and got rekt because of it. I’m simply not going to finish the quest line in hops they institute some ‘fix’ or the like.


I did the same thing. I didn’t read the quest from the troll and ended up in Swamp and then I realized if I finished that quest I’d be siding with Saurfang so I abandoned it and created a ticket when I realized it didn’t reset back to Redridge Pass. That’s what I get for getting click-happy!

For a quest that carries so much weight, they should’ve made it clear this was the turning point. Open a ticket, I’m sure they can reset it so long as you didn’t complete Warrior’s Death.


I’ve put in a ticket too, hoping quest progress can be reset. Currently my quest is left in the stand off between Saurfang and the Dark Rangers. So not happy.


It’s almost as if they were trying to trick us into siding with the traitorous orc! I’m sure they’ll reset it and I can imagine there will be many more running into this issue.


I would like a reversal of this choice with a warning of what is going to happen.
I would like my DH to side with Sylvanas.
I abandoned the quest and tried again with no success!


Will Blizzard release statistics on player/character choices? I’d love to know how many fellow loyalists are out there.


Same here, putting in a ticket. Why would you put an important decision like that as a dialogue option and not in the quest itself for crying out loud.


Do you guys ever check out mmo-champion? They had an entire article on this and letting people know that once you the choice to side with LS or SF that it was permanent and no going back.


No I did not research the issue. You shouldn’t have to research anything except raid bosses and the like.


I’m so upset right now. I’m loyal to my Banshee Queen and I saw NO warning box, nothing that said I would stay loyal. I got to the swamp of sorrows and the only choice available was to defend Saurfang. It wasn’t until after I completed the quest and expressed my outrage in the general chat, that a kind stranger informed me that I should have seen the choice when I first picked up the quest from that peppy little sugar-honey-iced-tea.


I feel like such a huge plot line would have been more news-worthy. I haven’t seen a damn thing about this anywhere before now.


So, I got a reply to the ticket I submitted and they said (paraphrased) “we cant revert it because there is a very apparent notification that you’re making a choice.”

I, of course, replied there is no such thing if you don’t pick the first dialogue option and that the text line itself doesn’t read at all in a way that suggests you’re locking yourself into a choice.

So I’m probably boned, but I’ll let yall know what they come back with. I suggested they hotfix it at the very least to include a notification prompt for both dialogue options.


Got a similar response from a GM on my ticket.
It is ridiculous that they say that they cant revert because their is a prompt when there is not. There is only a prompt if choosing Sylvanas. This is a huge oversight during the development of the questline. But not surprising as this is the direction Activision has been going as of late.

I deleted the name of the GM for privacy


This one is a bit wonky as once an option is chosen in the quest chain, and the big pop up window which confirms the choice is approved it is locked in. We are unable to reset the quest chain.

This is partly why the choice has an extra approval prompt to pop up and confirm the choice since it gets locked in. However that said, if you want to experience the other side, you can simply go through it with a different horde character and choose the other option.

I hope this clears things up and I wish you the best.

Side note: Saurfang is the right and proper choice and I will PvP you to prove my point. (Just trying to lighten the mood a bit since I know this is sorta a tough situation).

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It was all over fan sites saying that you would have to make a choice and there was no going back from that choice. There were articles and videos from YouTube streamers about the choice. So if you didn’t catch it, that’s on you not Blizzard. fyi, your warchief thinks you’re all expendable…

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Picking the dialog option to stay loyal to the warchief gives you the pop up box asking are you sure you want to do this and miss out on the cloak toy, picking the Grim Tidings quest option to help saurfang does not give any such warning, at least I didnt see anything that suggested I would be locked out of the other option if I picked it up.

I commend them for giving us the choice, but the way they set it up is kinda wonky, it’s easy to miss, and both options should have a pop up box or something to let you know you cant pick the other choice once you select one of the options.

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tru dat. please fix this, blizzard!

Warning box is only if you actually DO click the dialogue box to stick with Sylvanas. There is no such warning box when you accept zaptard boys quest. There SHOULD have been one saying “once you continue with this quest you will be denouncing your warchief, are you SURE you want to do this” or something similar. Bunch of bollocks this is.


I’ve discussed this with two different GMs and apparently, it’s not possible to undo the selection. I don’t believe that it’s not possible. I believe the devs simply won’t allow it.

I suppose their hands are tied.


"Hey there Rechab,

I’m Game Master [redacted]. I hope this message finds you well.

During the questline The Fate of Saurfang, you will be offered a choice to side with Sylvanas or Saurfang by the NPC Zekhan. Depending on your choice, an additional dialogue box will alert you to the consequences of your choices.

Customer Support is not able to assist if you change your mind or make a mistake when choosing your options. If you do this quest chain on a different character, however, you can make the other choice for that character.

**In short if you choose the “I will not betray my Warchief, troll.” option, your character will not be able to get the Worn Cloak toy. There is a dialogue box that confirms that. The warning only appears when you are choosing the dialogue option. When you choose to pursue the quest choice, there is no warning window of any kind. **

If you progressed past the point of picking a side, you have to remain on the chain that you picked and do not have an option to switch. I do apologize. But I hope this information helps!

If you still need to contact us, please feel free to do so! We want to make sure that we have covered all of your questions thoroughly so if there is something that was missed, you can click the Need More Help button, and we will be notified. Please let us know any details about how we can further assist you with this issue. Otherwise, you can close this message out as resolved.

Thanks again for your time. Take care!


GM 2

"Hello there Rechab,

This is Specialist Game Master [redacted]! I understand that you had an issue with supporting the Dark Lady instead of Saurfang.

I’m sorry to hear the wrong option was chosen here!

Unfortunately this choice is a one time option, and you are not able to change it after the fact. This is not something that anyone will be able to reset or undo.

If you would like to see the option to change sides afterward in the future, I would definitely recommend letting the developers know directly that you would like the option to exist by posting either a suggestion in game or posting to the questing to forums to let them know what changes you’d like to see.

I’m sorry that we weren’t able to assist with your issue. I understand how frustrating that can be. If you have any other problems that we could take care of in the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know."

My response to the second…

I don’t believe that it’s not possible to change. It’s nothing but computer code! It can definitely be done. I suppose the devs won’t allow it to be done is what the issue is. I hope all the devs involved receive a large chunk of coal in their stockings this Christmas! It was a dirty lawyer trick the way they did the quest.

Now my main has been corrupted forever without recourse. I hope the Dark Lady spares him! Please forward all of the tickets you get for this matter to Ion’s desk and have Lore read them all aloud!

this blows so hard. it was definitely a very poorly executed quest chain. and unfair that there was no warning box when accepting zappy bois quest. I’m glad I’m not the only one in this situation but still struggling to actually compete the chain by saying " I will" to Saurfang. They could easily code in an “I WON’T” option there as a last ditch to not betray. For me personally accepting zappy bois quest I saw it as…okay let’s see both peoples point of view before I make the decision.