Satyr Allied Race

Why? Because Satyr girls are cute.

Lore: Blah blah blah something far-fetched happens, Rule of Cool, Gameplay First, etc. So they join “insert faction here”.

That’s the same lore that justifies the Horde Scourge and the Alliance Old Godlings.


That’s a good thread and I’ll let you finish but Desolace is the worst zone of all time, OF ALL TIME.

I like Desolace. It has Satyrs, Dryads, Centaurs and Naga, 4 Races I wish I could play as.


So basically, you want a night elf and draenei to mate.


Their combined angst will be something to behold.

Ooh can we put glowyful lights on our tails liek that one

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I hope so :smiley:

Satyrs? Only if they go to Horde!

Tyrande and Malfurion would have many arguments against the presence of such malevolent creatures on the loose!

They would only be possible at the Alliance if Tyrande and Malfurion were dead!

And even then, there would be other night elves who would repudiate being in the presence of corrupt night elves!

So satyrs, only possible in Horde!

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Satyr would make a great Horde Race in lieu of the Alliance Dreani


When a cross between N’zoth and the Blood Elves joined the Alliance neither Malfurion nor Tyrande said anything.

What’s a Satyr if not the Night Elf version of the Void Elves?

High Elf + Fel = Blood Elf
Blood Elf + Void = Void Elf

Night Elf + Fel + Void = Satyr :smiley:

Can’t wait until we’re arguing which Faction gets the Old Gods… >.>

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Which faction has people with tentacles who wear a N’zoth tabard?

The Alliance already has Old Gods. They are just small, cute and not that old.


I’d play a satyr, the females could even use a tweaked draenei skeleton

Worgen are a corrupted druid form that was never meant to be used, yet they have no problems with your race living among them.

Mages are responsible for blowing up the planet, yet they have no problem letting them back into their society.

Night elves making compromises and accepting corruption seems to be a running theme with them.


If my memory is not failing, you did this thread some weeks ago. But, it’s ok, i love satyrs and i want them playable too. Here my ideas for Satyr:

Classes: Warrior, Warlock, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, and a corrupted Druid with demonic animals forms.

Fel Resistance: Fire and Shadow damage recieved is reduced by X%.
Sadism: Your leech is increased by X% only with damaging abilities.
Corrupt Creature: Instant cast, corrupts the target decreasing the heal he makes and recieve, and the damage he deals by X% for X seconds. 2 minutes CD.
Summon Fel stone: Summons a fel stone that you can consume any moment you want. The Fel stone heal your self for X% during X seconds, and increase your main stats for X% for the same amount of time. 2 minutes CD, the CD start to run after you consume your Stone.

Racial Mount: A demonic Fel Saber.

And that’s all that i have.


Your memory is failing lol

Disgusting demon traitors.

Kill them all in the name of Elune, Goddess of War. :alien:

But you posted that beautiful female satyr before, isn’t?

No, Dreta! Stop killing the girls I like!

I did but it was a completely different thread. It was about all the Female versions of WoW Races that we can only see on Hearthstone and novels.

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Traitors to the kaldorei are off-limits, Mortis. They are to be executed for their crimes, not loved. :slight_smile: