SAS is going back to the basics

So, before all the rumors start I wanted to make sure that the real story is told. I will be removing EVERYONE from SAS. This doesn’t mean that everyone is being kicked. Everyone is welcome to reapply. In short, I am taking back control of my community. I will be the ONLY leader. This way everything that happens in there from now on will completely on me. My new rule is: Be positive or be quiet or das boot. Everyone, I mean everyone is welcome to join. That means all Horde, all Alliance, former SAS, anyone.


Um… Did something happen?

What’s the real story? Why is this happening?


Neat, don’t care. Sounds like a cesspool of drama in a video game


you commented tho so maybe you do

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sounds like a great time to pug alliance epics

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pugs have been killing it as of late tbh last night ive gotten some wild wins as pugs most were ashran tho

I honestly support you in this decision. The community has been a mess for a while and I feel it was negatively impacting everyone. And there are so many inactive players. A fresh start could do a lot of good.

Alliance are allowed to join? This sounds like a shift that could use clarification.


Are y’all planning to sync queue both factions into the same game?

It was happening before as well . Allaince Merc and sync queuing in

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Looks like Gwiyomi destroyed yet another community. Bravo!


Id just like to say that I have credible sources saying SAS produced the plague of undeath. They used demon vampire magic from another dimension to alter the life force of the beings of Azeroth, in not just one, but multiple battlegrounds. Why aren’t you talking about the REAL story? This is just being used as an excuse to do a Stratholmist Purge. Fight for your right to parday!

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First of all, my community has not been destroyed. Just undergoing a little reconfiguring of membership. Second, Gwiyomi has been nothing but nice to me & has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening with SAS. Stop pointing fingers at people when you know nothing about the situation.


Oh querida es solo cuestión de tiempo ,aunque solo te deseo lo mejor

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Well, I’m glad to hear she’s been kind to you, but that hasn’t been everyone’s experience. She’s shown herself to be an instigator and has been far from sportsmanlike with the rest of us. In fact, she’s targeted me and my friends for reasons that are, to put it mildly, pretty trivial. So, while she might be good to you, it doesn’t erase the negative impact she’s had on others in the community.


The Disbander ?


Well they haven’t disbanded they have just been turned into BSG redux. At any rate good luck to them with that.


He confirmed it! GWIYOMI IS A DREADLORD!

Good for you, Cinco.

Looks like you are out of SAS in advance of time line !!