SARGERAS... how fares you?

Hey there my dudes and dudettes. Thanks for clicking on the topic. I appreciate it.

Anyway, the reason I bring you here is because I am in need of your help.

You see… recently I came back due to available free time and boredom. I’ve played the game many years at a mediocre level but this time I seek to change things up and make it a bit more fresh of an experience. I dinged 60 and it seems the once great realm I’ve spent years on has died or is currently dying.

To skip a bunch of details you wouldn’t find important or interesting to the subject I simply ask… would sargeras be a great choice for a player to play on? Large guilds, open world pvp, somewhat decent community, casual friendly, etc…

I’ve played solo for 15 years and seek to branch out from that and have some… some bros or broettes. You know…

You time is appreciated!

there’s not really open world pvp and to be quite honest if u want a active high pop server or community alliance is not it go horde on area 52 or illidan for example there’s much more players on horde in general that’s why most of my characters are there. for example queing into groups is much faster and much more available on horde. you may find a guild on sargeras but on a high pop horde server its much much more available.