Sanctum of Domination Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live!

Sanctum of Domination Raid Finder Wing 4 Now Live!

Breach the Sanctum and slay the formidable servants of Sylvanas and the Banished One in Sanctum of Domination, the new raid opening with Season 2.

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Looks dope!

I enjoy Nathria, but I’m very glad I can finally move on to something new.


Thank goodness

Did you fix the problem where carnivorous stalkers don’t attack some bosses yet?

We’ve only been yelling about it for months.


Shards of Domination
Empower your gear with Shards of Domination, a new type of powerful gem looted from the bosses lurking within Sanctum of Domination. These remnants of the Runecarver’s work have long augmented the Jailer’s armaments, but now you can seize them for yourself and turn the tables on the Banished One. Shards exude three different types of runic magic: Blood, Frost, and Unholy. These ghastly gems can be socketed into gear with Domination sockets, enhancing your characters’ damage, mitigation, or healing abilities. While each individual Shard’s power works anywhere, inserting three of the same type into your gear creates a Rune Word, granting you a powerful boon that increases your combat potency even further within the Maw, Torghast, and the Sanctum of Domination. Each class has five different armor pieces that can don a Domination socket which can be looted from the raid. Defeating raid bosses can also reward you with Stygian Embers, which you are used to upgrade your Shards and further enhance their potent bonuses.

To rank up your Shards, visit Bonesmith Heirmir in Korthia after completing Chapter 3: Focusing the Eye storyline in the Chains of Domination campaign.

So this dumb system will REALLY work in PVP??? U gotta be fu*** kidding me.


You get no pat on the back from me. This took way too long.


Blizzard has been far from perfect lately, but people really need to cut them some slack regarding all the delays this past year. You guys remember the whole pandemic thing, right?


Almost like there was a pandemic slowing development.


I don’t care. We still pay $15 a month. If it’s metroid or mario that needs to be delayed that’s one thing, but this is a service that people pay monthly for. And we know that a lot of development resources are being wasted on pointless systems.

I hope you all have learned your lesson and have stopped giving Blizzard free money by paying for 6 months at a time. That sends them the message “Do whatever you want for 6 months because you’ll get paid either way”


Yeah, it became a state of emergency in March 13, 2020. They always start the next expac production while current expac is going and that was BfA at the time. So, if they would have released it in Aug 2020, that put them like 4 months of work lost to the pandemic.

If Shadowlands was that poor in development at that time, something clearly is wrong.


I feel that’s a lame excuse tbh.


The Raid involves the upper levels of the Tower and when we reach Sylvanas she uses the very Battlements against us having them charge across the battlefield in hopes of ramming us to death.

Fortunately she isn’t attempting the stunt pulled by Xemnas and throwing large chunks of the tower at us!


I hope you guys aren’t going to over-react by making Sanctum of Domination another 4-month raid tier.

It’s been very nice having Castle Nathria be a raid that we could do some farm in during progression, rather than have to GO GO GO and EXTEND EXTEND EXTEND in a mad rush to finish before the tier ended, like we did in Uldir and Tomb of Sargeras (among others).

Please keep the longer raid tiers. Don’t shorten this one. Not only would shortening it create a stressful tier this time, but it would just set up another year-long final raid again.

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had to abandon the pve story out of redundant boredom and move to arenas…maybe this new raid will be interesting enough, I’m sure we all wanna know where the Sylvanas thing goes, and AOTC is a good goal. Its becoming popular to hate blizzard and wow but I bet most of them would hate to see wow shut down and give up. Its been 16 years and hopefully another 16 cuz this game is my no.1 time killer.

How could we forget? You people use this pathetic excuse any chance you get. It didn’t work then and it’s not working now.


Very cool! Can’t wait ti take down that butt hole who’s been kicking me out of torghast


Raids are still the best content that the WoW team makes!

you guys sure in love with dark and bland environments

Once you complete the quest, you’ll receive The True Maw Walker reward, which allows you to summon and ride all ground mounts in The Maw and Korthia on the character who earned it.

You couldn’t make it account bound so that we don’t have to keep doing the same quests on multiple toons? Isn’t that one of the biggest complaint’s you’ve had over the years?