Same-Faction BGs in Classic

Dude. Lmao Yeah, I’m super reserved and friendly 99.9% of the time but that stuff melts my brain.

They have plenty of choices. For starter:

  • Dual spec so Alliance players have a reason to get out of PvE once in a while. As it stands, you ask any Alliance players and PvP is just too demoralizing to participate in, paying for respect just makes the matter worse.
  • Nerf Will of the Forsaken and watch the army of sweaty undead players instantly reroll.
  • Extra honor gain for the faction with less people in queue.

I can come up with plenty of simple changes that won’t increase the imbalance even more and all Blizzard could come up with is to throw Alliance under the bus once again to let the Horde freely stomp through?

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Isn’t like, 30% of the horde population Blood elves?

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Spend anytime in a BG and all you’ll see is undead. PvE players being blood elf is irrelevant to PvP faction balance.

There are a large swathe of players who just follow the arena streamers and the pvp racial meta.

If blizzard swapped racials to the other faction all these “we play horde because we love being horde” folks would probably jump ship just as quickly as the streamers would.

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The feedback thread will be interesting…


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Logged in to try it out. Que’d up my BG’s WSG/AB/EYE, average wait 20 min. Not what I was hoping for but its better then 45min-90min. 20 Mins go by, average 35 min. 35 min go by, average 45 min… aaaaaand I logged. Dang.

The matchmaking changes might not be live yet.

I hope you are right, I was told they are in. But it definitely wasn’t from a trusted source hah.

Alliance are whiny kids and hardly any of them pvp. Blame your faction for being a bunch of sissies. Can’t wait for the well deserved que time reduction.

It’ll probably be at least another hour or two.

The devs should be at work when the changes go live, in case anything breaks and they need to do emergency hotfixes.

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What a profoundly idiotic thing to say, truly, you must just repeat troll rhetoric and not have a mind of your own.

The queue times have everything to do with faction player imbalance, but if you truly believe the words you say, then there is no point in elaborating. It would be like trying to argue with someone who truly believed the earth was flat.


I think all alliance are stupid. Why do they want a balance in factions? PVP. What is blizzard fixing by implementing a change? PVP. Alliance actually has nothing to cry and groan about but they do it anyways just to do it because its a faction specific change and you guys are little kids going “UGH WHAT? WHERES MINE? I WANT ONE TOO”. You are all so childish. If this whole BG time thing was happening to your faction you would be asking for the same damn thing. So sit down, shut up, and play the game or dont. Either way Blizzard is going to do what they need to do to make sure (or try to despite the whiners) everyone is satisfied to the best of t heir ability.

I’m all for keeping the factions separate, but I honestly think this would be a step in the right direction if they allowed us to cross-faction in PvE as well.

Cross-faction PvE is unlikely to happen, Blizzard would lose out on all the profits from $30 faction changes.

$30 faction change sales might die down anyways at a certain point (once Alliance population is on life-support), but they are probably too short-sighted (or don’t care) to be concerned about that.

They seem to be mostly focused on short-term profits recently. For example, look at the cash-grab that is TBCC.

Also, there is an unusually quick response/turnaround from the devs regarding TBCC player requests.

Looks like it’s a < 1 month wait time from TBCC complain threads popping up —> devs providing the requested fix

It should be live now…


Oh goodie, will be keeping a close eye on that today :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :popcorn:

I hope blizzard knows this is a great and needed change. THANK YOU I GET TO PLAY THE GAME NOW!!! YAY


A priest LoF his hunter away from me before he could land his trap off his pet stun last night :smiling_imp: horde priest


Why didnt they just go with the merc mode option? It fixes queue times AND helps the underrepresented faction, at the same time. This fix helps queue times and completely kills the underrepresented faction. Am i missing something?