Same-Faction BGs in Classic



Genuinely surprised this is the route they’re taking. This doesn’t address the faction imbalance at all and actually upon reflection is likely to make it even worse - literally no reason (outside of personal preference) to play Alliance now especially if the larger community is already Horde for the overpowered racials. The world is still going to be largely red and Alliance players on PvP realms will likely continue to struggle.


Rofl the forums are going to be on fire today. Honestly impressed they did that.


I’m shocked.

The Retail devs spent years/expansions implementing a partial bg-queue-time solution using mercenary mode (and maybe faction changes?).

The Classic devs are like… give us 1 month to permanently fix bg queue times.



Can retail get devs who care at all like classic has?


not even classic is free from horde favoritism good god


Feel like classic gets more attention then retail as well does anymore. Like almost all the classic changes they have done since its been out has been good 1s. Meanwhile here… 9.1 is worse then 9.0.5 lmao

I’m impressed that the Classic devs took such quick/decisive action. I know it’s a huge and controversial change for some players.

However, if this bg queue time problem were happening in Retail, I think the devs would have eventually acknowledged the problem, but then they’d probably wait a couple of months/years to see if the problem fixed itself. And if they made any changes, it wouldn’t be this drastic.

The Classic devs aren’t messing around. They’re roflstomping this bg queue time problem.


I like the lore reason they came up with :grinning: Military training exercises. That’s smart.


If this stays then Alliance players will have no reason not to play Horde, outside of the lack of wanting to start over again.

This is also kind of a slap in the face to players who rerolled to help fix the imbalance.

This is not a fix, this is masking tape for a larger issue. Should be fun seeing 1 faction game in the future.


Its really shocking that a company is going to cater to its largest consumer base.

Wait, the opposite of shocking.


It should be shocking though, considering how much the Devs love to harp that the factions are an integral part of WoW’s DNA.

This solution totally contradicts that claim.


Holy cow. I never thought I’d see the day, after 10 years of suggesting it. Looking forward to the change! I’ve avoided my horde bc toons just because if the queue times.

Edit: just went to the original post, my god. So much toxicity surrounding an obvious fix for a huge problem. Can’t make everyone happy :man_shrugging:


Unsurprisingly, a lot of people don’t want to see a repeat of what led to retail alliance being an effectively dead faction.


Incentives for alliance to PvP also causes frustration. There was a thread against AOO every single time it was up in game all through BFA.

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That’ll happen when the favored faction finally misses out on an advantage.


What kind of fix would you expect? They even acknowledged they know people dont want to transfer to Alliance

I mean, if it’s mostly Horde players paying the bills/keeping the lights on over at Blizzard then it makes sense to give them what they want and keep them happy :man_shrugging:

If anything, this whole episode proves (once again) that when the general public is loud enough on a particular issue and makes enough complain posts (see: the TBCC forums), Blizzard sometimes does cave.

Not always, but the fact they responded so quickly (around 1 month later?) to the sheer amount of Horde complaints is quite telling.

Here’s a reddit thread that blew up even faster than the official blue post, enjoy :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s an official blue post, same-faction BGs are confirmed.

Go check out the TBCC forum :popcorn:

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