Sad Server Transfer News from a GM

There’s also this:


their queues will be at least 30-45m long for wsg because that’s what a normal bg queue was for horde before mercing became an option. their AV queues will be so lols though. XD

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I remember on my alliance mage in vanilla (more precisely, pre-tbc patch), I usually waited 1h / 1h30 for an AV queue to pop. And numbers are way, way worse in Horde’s favor this time. It will be interesting to see what will happen tomorrow.

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Blizzard screws up faction balance on multiple servers.

Blizzard puts in paid transfers so people can get away from the supremely imbalanced servers.



Can we have a link to the source please? :slight_smile:

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Holy Tauren. Even better intel!!

Dude I saw this coming even before the data got posted… Whiteman was insanely horde bias and I was like level 15 or something at the time… I kid you not the most played class on that server was Undead Shadow priest, I could not go 20 yards without tripping over one.

I was curious how many alliance we would see so I activated a second account and had a peek; dude it was entirely different the zones were far less packed and while the community felt about the same it was very obvious that there was a massive balance issue. (something blizzard could have easily handled)

So I tested out a few servers and found a nice West Coast server that felt decent; a little horde bias at the time but not bad… well not until a ton of horde transferred over to avoid some longer Q’s on whitemane…

You could see the symptoms for it in the forums too, SOOOO many horde players and posts about horde related stuff, that’s when I knew for darn sure I made the right choice.

This just cemented my resolve; I just wish the alliance were a little more dedicated to PVP in the way that the horde are.

i understand completely dude. i rerolled alliance too because the horde on the forums were making me feel awful because i’d post on my classic toons and alliance would think i was the enemy. i’ve played alliance in general longer than i’ve played horde though and have a bunch of cool toons now so it’s all good. the horde on the forums did it to themselves though. gg.

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Let’s see your source.

Look 5 messages up

Unfortunately man, and some of the horde are really cool… Tis a shame but for me I really enjoy BG’s and the racial abilites while nice and handy are just not worth a 35+ min Q when I can enjoy an instant Q for PVP.

i was looking at a pop site the other day and like 73% of all horde warlocks are undead. same with rogues. warriors not that much different. it was crazy. now these people get to zug zug themselves into still camping fps because their queues will be an hour long at least. XD

LOL, meanwhile their competition will be in BG’s so they will have nothing but a few scraggly level 55’s to kill for a piddly 199 honor for the first kill with a 25% DR.


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i want to tell them to get better at the game in a very specific way but i don’t want a forum ban. but you know what i’m saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

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They can get good and re-roll alliance… Oh wait… gotta depend on Will for the Forsaken and Orc Stun resist; cant play with out those CUZ THEY BAD…

OH I found a way to 100% eliminate the orc stun resist or any other stun resist talent a few days back, it’s 100% reproducible and executable by ANY player who needs to stun a stun restive target.

And since base orc stun resit is much higher than the advertised value (tests at 44.8% resist) I think I will publish this technique soon just to watch the QQ.

Also because they still have the ridiculous Leeway and Artificial batching in game entirely screwing up the vanilla way of playing a hunter.


someone was trying to say that EA was better than wotf the other day. and i’m wondering in what world they were trying to pull this “info” from. wotf is a 2m trinket of two of the most powerful pvp classes main CCs. but yeah ER is so good. get real. lol

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Was there a point to wasting the GMs time to find what everyone knows ?
Yes some servers appear imbalanced.
Yes Paid Character Transfer is currently not available in Classic and has not been announced when it will be.
Thank you Captain Obvious for posting this thread and causing people to wait in line for a GM to answer a ticket that was just a waste of time and you could have found the answer in seconds.


EA may be best for warriors because of roots, and because warriors don’t have issues with fear, but holy god… Will of the Forsaken is insanely good because of warlocks and S-priests (if melee)

Actually this threat MIGHT help because now that the Horde see that I am right and they ARE over populated some of the better players might re-roll alliance in an effort to get faster Q’s.

As a result some of their buddies and followers MIGHT follow them alliance side because they want to be with their friends.

That would in turn balance things out a little and in a way help the horde Q’s.