Sad Server Transfer News from a GM


Greetings, It’s been very disappointing that little effort appears to have been made on providing any faction balance on pvp servers in the recent rollout of classic. I understand that back in vanilla there wasn’t enough interest in the game to warrant such concerns and then you guys introduced battlegroups to seemingly fix the issue(s) created with faction imbalance in pvp(both world and BGs). That said, can you explain the attached pictures and the miss-representations as well as when I may possibly be able to pay for my character’s realm transfer off the horribly imbalanced fairbanks server? I will be changing my life long pattern and rolling all the rest of the toons I play in classic on PVE servers. I almost stopped playing because of Blizzard’s neglect for this issue. Thank you kindly, Robert

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I couldn’t find where the files had attached so I’m attaching them to this response, thanks again!!

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Hi there, Robert! I’m Game Master Eiliikar. Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment regarding your issue! Our Customer Support team is not part of the development team so we’re unable to comment on any of the dissatisfaction that you’re feeling in regards to the faction imbalance. With Classic, many people now know the game and are min/maxing their experiences and may have rolled Horde because of it. We’re seeing high numbers of Horde across all realms and there really isn’t anything that Customer Support can do to help with this problem since its widespred through all realms. Because our developers are wanting to keep classic as close to the original experience as possible there really isn’t much that we can do at this point. That being said, if you have suggestions on how to combat the issues or want to give advice/feedback to our developers, please use the in-game “Submit a Suggestion” option from the help menu. This will get your response sent directly to the developers as again, Customer Support has no ablity to apply changes to the game and therefore is unable to assist with your issue today. Though we know this is not the answer you were hoping for, we thank you for your time, patience, and understanding. Thanks again for checking-in and take care!

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Do you have an idea when I will be able to pay to transfer toons off fairbanks/pvp and onto my current pve server?

5 days ago

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Salutations Robert, I want to thank you so much for your patience while I looked into your ticket today. Reading over your ticket I understand that you are wanting to purchase a Character Transfer in World of Warcraft Classic. There is currently no character service system in place for World of Warcraft Classic, so we don’t even have the ability to initiate a Character Transfer from our end in Classic. Classic is just not coded to support these kind of changes at this time. At present there are no announced plans that these will become available in the future. If you’d like to see character services introduced to Classic, then I would highly recommend submitting a suggestion to let our developers know. If you have any other issues feel free to contact us again. Take care and have a good rest of your day.

Edited: I posted an imgur link below with all the screenshots. Please remove the * after you copy & paste it.


This is amazing intel OP

Thank you.

Rerolling will be ok. I feelz.

What a longwinded way to just echo the reroll sentiment. At least it seems like the CSR was genuinely interested in getting suggestions to the devs.


GM confirms that horde players need crutches in order to compete.


Cue the swarm of angry undead rogues/locks.


The only relevant part of the thread that I could see that everyone doesn’t seem to already know.


yet swifty a twitch streamer had 3 servers he could chose from to transfer to which he did 4 days ago.he got a special favor from blizz.

streamer prio you are not one.

oh 404 ban hammer inc and pvp happened on a pvp server


Oh did he actually? I thought he took advantage of a free character transfer.


he said on stream he had 3 choices and i remember when they first game out server transfers there was only one server i could go to heartseeaker so i dont know how he got 3 choices.

can any alliance confirm they had 3 options of where to transfer when it was up?

if not then he had special transfer from blizzard.

My crew and I did indeed have 3 choices when taking the free transfer.


ok its confirmed then he must have did it last min.they must have changed it i only had one when it came up for my server the first time.

and im glad i didnt go to heartseeker

Made the same tickets, received the same canned responses.

Gave up on Blizzard being proactive here and I have just accepted that I will need to play on my horrible server (Stallag) for the foreseeable future as I have 2 60s on it.

Can’t hearth to IF or use mage ports to IF without being ganked. Can’t leave the bridge/bank or stray too far away from the pencil-thin line of alliance in that area or u risk getting ganked.

There aren’t any 5-man dungeon groups left outside of 1-2 an hour and getting an UBRS group started has as much complexity as trying to put together a 40 man pug.

I’m surprised it’s almost 2020 and people still think GMs have any more info than the general public on these sorts of things.


They just announced that thew new patch will include the infrastructure for paid character transfers in the future. They wouldn’t bother if they didn’t plan to do it.


So looks to me like the GM said in polite terms: qq moar. reroll carebear. rolfcopter pwnsauce.


Like clockwork the undead posters


I just don’t understand what you wanted them to do or say?

Regardless, paid transfers are in the works.

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This should be the retort to every insult/complaint given in regards to the state of Classic. Rather than degrading each other in page after page of the same topic (s), go “offer a suggestion” where it will actually do some good.

Where? I would like to read that.


In the sticky at the top


I mean if people dont understand that customer server arent devs.

They need to use a few braincells.