S4 Non set piece arena requirement


Do I spend the honor now for the S3 boots & bracers since S4 are now arena required ratings and S3 boots and bracers since it appears both disappear at the start of S4?


I’ve been looking clarity regarding what will be happening at the end of the season and which gear from S3 is going to be phased out and which gear is rating required for S4, specifically around the offset pieces.

Currently on the PTR we see: Bolded means different from S3

  • Season 4 Belt No rating requirement, 17,850 honor & 20 AB Tokens
  • Season 4 Neck No rating requirement, 15,300 honor & 5 EOTS Tokens
  • Season 4 Bracers 1575 rating requirement, 11,794 honor & 20 WSG Tokens
  • Season 4 Ring 1650 rating requirement 15,300 honor & 10 AV Tokens
  • Season 4 Boots 1700 rating requirement 17,850 honor & 40 EOTS Tokens

We still see 2 pieces of S3 gear, the neck and the ring:

  • Season 3 Ring 7650 honor & No AV tokens
  • Season 3 Neck 15300 honor & 5 EOTS tokens

All I’m looking for is some clarity on if this is going to resemble anything on live or when S4 starts. Because I have honor on some alts and I want to know if I should spend it on the S3 upgrades now if S4 are going to be rating required, but we don’t know what is going to be phased out.

I see that a lot of the values here are inconsistent, like why is there both S3 & S4 necks at the same exact price. Why are the S4 pieces that have rating requirements do not have the adjusted token requirement drops (boots at the old 40, bracers at the old 20, both rating required, belt is at new 20 tokens requirement and has no arena requirement.)

My guess is that nothing here is representative due to these inconsistences.

I’m not the only one lookin for clarity:

Some general answers regarding what’s going to happen in S4 would be appreciated. Thank you.

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