Rumored classic xpac: awakening

Obviously this looks extremely fake, but if it were to happen… would they keep ERA servers as is? Allow a transfer to a server that will stay TRUE classic? Or would they force people to move to the expansion? What’re your thoughts?

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If they add new content to Classic, that would maybe be interesting.

What did they do with TBC Classic? Why would we imagine anything different? I don’t see any value in arguing or becoming upset about a hypothetical situation at this point.

I’m 100% down for Classic+ but I do think it has to be its own server. Whether or not it will be fresh or will be a progression of existing characters, I don’t actually have a preference here haha.


That’s because it is extremely fake.


I also think classic+ would be incredible (if done properly) and I’d play it if it were its own server next to era, and classic HC


sounds fun, i hope they add any race can be any class along with adding demon hunters, death knights and monks

Keep era characters on era and offer free character copy to +

Or more realistically $15-30 char copy to +

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Classic Era is Classic+. The next step is Phase 7.

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please no death knights


Let’s be real here… blizzard hasn’t done something properly in over 10 years. They can’t even release a solved and complete game correctly. I have ZERO faith in a classic + with this current blizzard. There’s absolutely no talent left.


I would expect any modification to Classic to be bad in the long run, much the way the old expansions turned out to be bad because they drastically changed the nature of the game over time.

A NEW raid that Raiders will be bored of within 3 months is not a good idea. Any expansion ought to be much more than a new line of gear with higher numbers on it. Malibu Stacy with NEW hat is not an expansion.


They don’t have the people to make a classic plus for the players.

They will make some stupid monetized crap like d4. They obviously don’t listen to the player base with those giant egos. It could be amazing if they actually took feedback serious.

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It is giant cope to believe blizzard would do a classic + on existing era servers.

If you really believe they’re gonna do that instead of making it it’s own thing you either haven’t been around long enough or just can’t imagine a world without your current toons


Well if there is a Classic+, I hope they don’t mess with the classes. I prefer the classes in Vanilla, they were more distinct and immersive. An example is hunter, I enjoy the quiver and arrows/ammo, the having to take care of the pet and taming different pets to learn the higher ranks and then training your pet.

I also prefer being considered an adventurer and not a champion. I just dont’ want them to change stuff and mess up the Classic feel…but finishing up questlines and zones in the classic style would be great.

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Of course it’s fake. It would take years to make something like this. So if it’s real it’s years away at the least.


Don’t forget the Dracthyr!

lets hope its real!

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They will fail Classic+. They are just bad. Fresh is all we can ask for!

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Word has it they would leave Era intact as is.

Classic+ or a new “Classic expansion” or new classic content concerns me. We have:

  1. Era
  2. HC
  3. “Fresh” coming
  4. Rumours of new content

The classic player base needs to stop being fragmented imo.