Ruin members will die

I will be hunting every single one of you and camp you.


Skyrome :slight_smile:


what… what did they do? O.o should I avoid them? >.>

There’s a thread about some supposed war between Ruin and 4chan, but the perception I’ve gotten is they invite anybody they can to the guild.

I don’t think this is related to what Skyrome is posting this for, but Ruin has also ended up on my kill on sight list after being corpse camped by their guild in STV.

Can confirm, this guild misclicked PvP server on launch day


Ruin is a trash guild that I left recently. They were constantly complaining how bad they needed priests, yet treated their best priests like crap on a daily basis. I put up with it for a month, Too bad. They only engage in pvp if they have a guaranteed upper hand, otherwise they run away. Part of the problem is that alliance are by default terrible pvpers, but their level of narcissism +9000. Good riddance…

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Congrats on your first @thread, Ruin!

Skyrome, hope to see you out there. As for the rest of you cry babies. Please stop acting all entitled. No one treated you poorly. You either A. Acted like a child/a-hole. B. Spammed guild chat with racist/political/personal BS that no one needs to hear or C. Left on your own because you expected us to baby sit you. Grow a pair and man up. As far as the camping goes, it’s called PvP for a reason and players grief each other all the time. If you can handle being camped, don’t join a PvP server. Horde and Alliance do it to each other all day, every day on a pvp server. That’s why retail is garbage and is now set to PvE with the option of War Mode because too many care bears like yourselves couldn’t handle playing on a PvP server. Peace out ladies.

Apparently, you can’t edit your own posts anymore. That’s ridiculous

I was so happy when i moved here and found ruin trash. Been farming hks off these fools for the past decade. Even on SW:ToR, crucible pits #1
One love


Man I was waiting for the first @thread to appear. I see we’re making lots of salty enemies on whitemane.

Are you talking about their priest Keldy? He’s their main priest and definitely gets trashed on!

I guess I consider myself lucky I’m not in Ruin then!

Holy necro batman!
But in a thread related note, all men die but not all men truly live!

Ruin is now recruiting tanks & healers for multiple Classic WoW raid teams. DPS welcome to join! Pushing for 4-MC Groups. 20 man Ony Clears! Actively looking for more PvP Raid Leads BGs Dec 10th! Discord Guarantees Citizenship! Would you like to know more?

Good they are degenerates

My poor little feels =(

I never thought I’d see the day 4chan took the higher ground… on anything!

It’s over Anakin! I have the high ground.