RP-PVP Confirmed for Classic

I’m fairly certain that despite all of the stories I hear about ED, those who signed up on an RP-PvP realm know what they were getting into. There’s still griefers and trolls on regular RP realms. What’re you going to do unless Blizzard implements a full time moderation squadron? That’ll never happen, because then there’s going to be rules and whatnot and it’ll lead to a really dark turn for WoW RP.

Anyways, unless someone like El Goblino (is his nickname in my guildchat and I shan’t risk mentioning his ACTUAL name otherwise one of his gremlins might pop on in here) rolls on the RP-PvP realm, all will be fine. There are probably way more locations in the old world for good RP that won’t be coasted by people hunting for HKs.

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I mean it worked for 15 years on the RPPVP realms that have existed since vanilla without having to enforce anything. Classic will be no different. Bad pvpers fail in pvp regardless of whether they’re on a PVP server or an RPPVP server.

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Didn’t that kind of infamously fall apart and that’s why an awful lot of people from ED play here now?


I’m pretty hopeful that new servers will have that new server smell where everyone tries to make the server awesome. WrA was like that for the first year or so, and it was amazing. So hopefully RP-PvP servers won’t immediately get swarmed by bads trying to ruin it for everyone.


I’m not an EDer (apart from a brief stint during WoD) but that’s not my understanding. It worked for a looong time. And then it worked too well; ED became the best wPvP server in the game, and a lot of non RPers moved there.

So an influx of non-RPers plus a general decline in the population did some damage to the RP scene, but it was still there and pretty sizable. (Albeit smaller than MG or WrA, but still larger than the other RP servers.)

War Mode was the final nail in the coffin. RPPvP was no longer a thing, so why not just move to the biggest and most balanced RP server at that point? And thus they all came here :slight_smile:

ED folk can correct me where I’m wrong, but AFAIK that’s the gist of it. But I wouldn’t say ED “fell apart.” Subscriber decline and gameplay changes kind of fizzled it out, but it chugged along fine for years.


WRA is still amazing :blush:

I do agree that people will be intent on keeping things clean. Server community was a big topic for discussions on classic, and I imagine most people will want to share in that experience.

Though I guess some people thrive on being a toxic pulstule on society online and there might be that one guy out there.

On that note, wasn’t the reason for ED’s exodus that 40 man multiboxer guy who camped cities and pvp vendors?

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In addition, there was the massive sharding problems in Legion, so it kind of killed a portion of the community there. Like you couldn’t interact organically within the Broken Isles and had to be confined to the old world, where there was barely any world PvP considering they’re outdated zones.

That and the death of WorldDefense chat as well.


I’m strongly considering rolling on the RPpvp server but my only hangup is my desire to get into RP seriously again is not as strong as my desire to just wpvp

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I dont think I’ll be RPing much, but I think I’d rather tackle that content with people who can actually communicate.


I’m an ED refugee and I can confirm this. Legion in general was the final nail in the coffin for us – the implementation of sharding, removal of world defense, influx of non-RP guilds, and the fact that the RP community just up and turned on itself killed that essential ‘tight-knit’ atmosphere we once had.

Cata-WoD era ED was awesome and I loved it while it lasted. I’m an ED refugee and I can confirm this. Legion in general was the final nail in the coffin for us – the implementation of sharding, removal of world defense, influx of non-RP guilds, and the fact that the RP community just up and turned on each other killed that essential ‘tight-knit’ atmosphere we had.

Before Legion, ED was something truly special, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get to relive it.


Looking forward to seeing you all there >:D

The Horde Army looks forward to any Horde folks needing a home for RP-PvP in a military style - and burying our Alliance friends six feet under <3

No, Blizz just took a massive dump on the RPPVP community by implementing things like CRZ/Sharding/Warmode, removing WorldDefense and removed the RPPVP designation so some people come to WrA since they were no longed limited to PVP servers for RPPVP. Lots of people stopped playing after the above poor decisions by Blizz so those that remained were looking for a larger RP community.

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Hrm. This looks interesting, and I am a fan of RP/PVP, but I’m not too sure my guild would roll on the server. 80% of the RP we do currently are scripted events out in the open world- something that would become a headache if fending off a Naga attack or fighting a demonic incursion turned into two hours of skirmishing with horde gankers. Would the PVP be fun? Yeah. Would we all be going to bed that night with a crucial storyline now missing a piece? Also yeah. In the end I’d say I enjoy the freedom to switch between the two modes more than the PVP provided.

Mogo was on ED for years… Mogo was glad to escape when found about WRA. Mogo think if rp-pvp realm end up like ED Mogo will choose play regular pvp realm instead. Mogo think ED atmosphere on classic realm won’t make for pleasant classic experience.


What’s so bad about ED? Serious question never played on the server.

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Think of it like GoT Season 8 mixed with death.

No, but in all seriousness, it was a yikes situation at the end.

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Don’t forget to pack a lunch if you go attack someone’s city. You don’t want to get hungry halfway through the siege.

Was on ED for ages, then you people did something and got punished with ME :slight_smile:

Okay so for those wanting to know.

ED has some sweet guilds who did a lot of RP-PVP scenarios on both sides of the coin.
ED horde guilds did a lot of RBGs as well

ED Guilds over all who did not participate in RP respected the RP that was going on and none would grief it.

Then the cracks began to happen and one of the “straws” that folks saw but tolerated was the advent of the PVP guilds who just mass invite “anyone” Now in the early days these were peoples alts so they could hide behind anonymity and began to “break the rules”.

It began that they would only attack other pvp guilds, probably lasted all of a day? before it became well if its red its dead, then into actively seeking out RP guilds and showing how leet pvp’nes…

Yeah we tried to rally against this, I for one saw these guilds early on as something good, a common enemy something we could all agree on was worth killing off and banding together for, So did others but also this became a chore.

Folks just wanted to RP in peace.

ED died because like all things “we” gave in slowly and allowed them to take over.

I am leaving out the various bad actors guilds names out because I do not make stupid people famous.


From what I understand ED was a very cool place for most of its history. It just went off the rails at the end there, and most of the big guilds who wanted to do RP stuff rather than contributing to the griefing culture that started to develop came here.

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I admit I’m not an RP-PvPer, but wouldn’t warmode be a good thing for RP-PvP? It essentially gives you your own worldspace specifically for PvPing, doesn’t it? I would’ve thought that’d make it a great way to collaborte and RP with other RP-PvPers