RP Guilds for a Warlock

Does anyone know of any guilds which would be fitting/thematic for a warlock character? Guilds which are anywhere from evil to neutral or have some sort of a magic theming where a warlock wouldn’t feel that out of place. Thank you in advance.

The Antoran Harbingers are a Warband of the Burning Legion, very much Antagonists/Villains who deal in demonic trouble.

You can find us in the Guild Finder.

If your looking for a more Antihero / Lawful evil / Neutral vibe. The Last Legion is recruiting mercenary company that also serves as a home for the ostracized and those of dark origins. So warlocks, demon hunters and many other kinds fit right in. We especially have a quite a few warlock and Shadow priest / void wielder members. Feel free to find us on the guild finder or reach out to me on discord @ thechoom

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I was just about to comment this, myself!

I’m a bit late to the party, but depending on your warlock’s views on becoming a necromancer/treading down the path of serving the Scourge, we may be a good fit!

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