[RP] A Call to Arms (Classic Era)

[On a weathered parchment paper, adorned with the symbol of a dagger, colored in purple and gold, the following letter is pinned to the bulletin board at the Goldshire Inn.]

To all brave souls seeking glory and honor,

Hear ye, hear ye! The call of adventure echoes through the land, reaching the ears of those brave enough to answer. I, Jarl, a stalwart Dwarven priest hailing from the raiding guild known as Legacy, pen this letter in hopes of rallying champions to aid us in our quest against the nefarious lich, Kel’Thuzad, within the floating necropolis of Naxxramas.

Naxxramas, a malevolent edifice of darkness and decay, hovers ominously in the desolate skies above the Plaguelands. It is a place where death reigns supreme, and Kel’Thuzad, the Archlich of the Scourge, commands his unholy forces. The floating necropolis, a grim testament to the power of the undead, threatens to unleash unspeakable horrors upon our world. It is our sacred duty, as defenders of Azeroth, to vanquish this blight and ensure the safety of our lands.

But let me regale you with the tale of Legacy’s triumphs thus far. We have ventured into the fiery depths of Molten Core, braving the scorching flames to lay low the dreaded Ragnaros himself. Blackwing Lair, a fortress born of the malevolence of the Black Dragonflight, bore witness to our valor as we triumphed over Nefarian and his vile brood. And in the ancient ruins of Ahn’Qiraj, the Qiraji threat fell before us, their hive minds silenced forever.

Now, as the shadow of the necropolis casts darkness across the land, we stand on the precipice of victory. We have mustered our forces and readied ourselves against Noth the Plaguebringer, one of Kel’Thuzad’s foul lieutenants, where he fell with great ease. Yet our ranks yearn for more heroes, particularly those skilled in the arts of the Light. The Light of your divine touch shall be invaluable in our battles against the forces of darkness.

Join us, brethren and sisters, in our crusade against Kel’Thuzad and his wicked minions. Let our deeds resound throughout the ages, inspiring awe and admiration in the hearts of all who hear of our exploits. Together, we shall forge a Legacy worthy of epics and ballads.

Our raids shall commence every Monday and Friday eve, from 7pm to 10pm Pacific Time on the venerable Grobbulus server. She is known to be a haven of camaraderie and charm akin to the idyllic villages of Goldshire and Elwynn Forest. Here, the spirit of community thrives, and the hustle and bustle of a grand city like Stormwind gives way to a small-town ambiance that warms the soul. No need for the dense populations of Whitemane or Mankirk here. Seek out our guild members, recognizable by their unwavering determination and the emblem of the dagger, purple and gold. We eagerly await your arrival, for united, we shall shine as a beacon of hope amidst the encroaching darkness.

May the blessings of the Light guide your steps, and may your arm strike true. Let your name be etched into the annals of glory, and let your valor be remembered for all eternity. Join Legacy, and together, let us conquer the floating necropolis of Naxxramas!

In the name of Kahz’Modan and all that is just and true.

Yours in Battle,

Jarl, High Priest of Legacy


Discord invite token for the curious



I rerolled on whitemain, its overcrowded, might give Grobb, my original server a try again.


We’d welcome you back :slight_smile: no GDKPs, no bots, no intense meta culture. Sure we are small, but we’re friendly and fun… just as Grobb always was


Every time I pop in now there are more people leveling.
Good to see.
Pop still sparse but getting healthier.
It was inevitable.