Rona Greenteeth's lost inventory

Dear community, I would appreciate your support on this one thing.
I’ve submitted numerous bug reports, I’ve made a post about it some time ago:

It’s a matter of principle.
Restoration of Order.
I bring it up again because this was posted recently:

With no mention of Rona’s inventory being restored, even though the Inky Black Potion is mentioned.
Save the muttons! Heck, maybe improve them!
(It’d be freaking awesome to be able to temporarily transmog them during DMF weeks).


Maybe it’s just good old censorship.

I mean, all those items were pretty much cannibalism jokes.

EDIT: Just to be clear, “good old” is sarcasm. I hate censorship.


Pretty sure I saw that vendor last month and the Inky potion for sale. I would never use it but I remember seeing it and going, “nope”.

edit: Read phailure. Thought you were trying to buy the potion.

Why would you want those old nasty foods?

I don’t see why they’d censor the cannibal food, isn’t Cannibalize still an Undead Racial ability? Pretty sure that’s covered in the T rating.
As for why anyone would want the old nasty foods well it’s just for fun or achievements for eating different things, etc. Mostly concerned about the muttons, but the point is that nothing should’ve been removed just because a potion was added. It’s been over 2 years now and I’ve seen nothing addressed.

I demand equal cannibalism. They say variety is the spice of life and sometime I’d just like a side of Gnome to go with my Troll

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