Rona Greenteeth of the Darkmoon Faire

Apparently Rona here has not be selling the following since the introduction of the Inky Black Potion in Patch 7.2, released March 28th, 2017:

And my personal favorites, although non-transmogable:

I bring this up here because I am certain I submitted a bug report in-game last month, and still she does not have these items restocked. With 8.1.5 up on the PTR I went to visit DMF to check out the new roller coaster… and to see if she was restocked, but to no avail.

I’ve submitted another bug report in hopes that maybe these can be restored with the launch of the roller coaster in 8.1.5 (and perhaps maybe even new additions/reworks (new race foods? temp xmog mutton!?). Please, if you’d also like to see these items restored, submit an in-game bug report, and spread the word. Thank you.


She still only sells the foie gras, green eggs and ham, and potion.


Indeed! Very sad to still see it as so. :confused:

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