Roleplay Resources and Connections

In Game Chat Channels:

Haven - More active Ally-side, but I’ve seen horde folks use it.
Crossroads - Used by Horde and Ally, but more rarely.

RP Mods:

Total RP 3

Web Sites: - A place to post stories and art - Postings of role play events to attend for all RP servers - Not limited to WoW, but a platform with some BWR/SC folks listed - Not limited to our server, or role-playing, but perhaps a way to find folks you used to RP with years ago!
Shadow Council Horde Reconnections - The official Blizzard forum post to find old Shadow Council Horde players.
Shadow Council Alliance Reconnections - Blizzard’s official forum to find old Shadow Council Alliance Players.


RP Crossroads -
Roleplayers Connect -
Oceanic/Late Night RP -

In Game Communities:
RP Connect Horde:

Rp Connect Alliance:

So what else do we use around here? Let me know, am curious, and I like lists and lurking. Toss links to your WoW related role play web sites, discords, blizzard groups, favorite mods or whathaveyous here, or yell at me in game.

Thanks! added to the list as a possible place to look up your old RP friends from years ago!

Anyone else have anything new in the server social networking department? is Blizzard’s own forum effort to help folks find players they used to play with.