Rogues over nerfed

can someone tell me where this is. i only see on other sites and not on the ptr forum. 10.0.5 does not list this.

So, according to your reasoning, no classes should be tuned right? Because after all, every class is absurd if the player is good.

You also completely disregard the fact that:

  1. Outlaw rogue is clearly overperforming in PvE. It’s one of the best M+ specs along with WW and Havoc DH.

  2. Rogue was seen in RWF teams and was usually the top DPS, along with logs supporting this.

Blizzard clearly has the data to nerf them by 3%.

Again, you cannot call other classes OP and defend your class consistently being at the top.

I agree, large changes to classes feel kinda bad and wish they would stick to numerical changes. It seems kinda odd that they are making broad changes to classes.

As for my perspective on DH, they are clearly overtuned for damage in PvP and will (hopefully) see tunings. With current logs as well as the RWF, they are at least seemingly not overtuned in raids but do excel in M+.

My issue currently with DH is that it’s an incredibly controversial class and the forums have a few users that are clearly trolling it, and yet despite being reported on numerous occasions, they haven’t been muted yet. It sucks.

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Honestly yea, I think everything was good where it was at. I would get deleted and I would delete. It forced people to learn/adapt in PVP. For example, knowing when a DH is casting the hunt and dodging or CC during cast. Didn’t play anything after BC up until Shadowlands but I believe outlaw has always excelled at PVE. I get what you are trying to say that them topping charts is “op” but who benefits from rogues smashing in DPS? Everyone, more damage to mobs/bosses = quicker death and I say higher success rate. I don’t do mythics much and don’t even know what RWF is. I don’t think blizzard has the data because a lot of classes would have gotten nerf or if they do they don’t have someone that actually takes the times to understand, I could be wrong. 30% kind of rough especially for skills that can be countered. Most people, including rogues like pikaboo thought secret technique was trash until he finally learned how to use it properly. It is what it is though.

I don’t think it is on PTR forum I found it on Icy veins

They’ve been posting them on the general forum.

Warrior: Good dmg, good utility, good defensives, good mobility. no CC
Warlock: Great dmg, good utility, good defensives, good CC, bad mobility
Mage: Good utility, good defensives, good CC, good mobility, bad damage
Priest: Good dmg, good utility, good defensives, good CC, no mobility
Evoker: Good dmg, kinda bad defensives, best mobility, meh utlity no CC
DK: Good dmg, good utility, good defensives, CC is ok kinda, no mobility
DH: Strong dmg, good CC , good defensives, good mobility, no utility
Monk: BUSTED dmg, average utility, mobility is fine, not really good CC, meh defensives
Hunter: Good dmg, good mobility, no utility, no defensives, not really good pve CC
Paladin: Good dmg, good utility, good defensives, ok CC kinda?, no mobility
Druid: good everything but not really great anything
Shaman: same as druid

Now… Rogues


My issue with tons of these types of posts is people list classes and not specs. When you say “priest” we know you are talking shadow cause its the one dps spec. But “rogues” vary in damage, cc, moblity, and defensive power quite a bit between specs.

Stop talking about rogues as if we’re all the same thing. We are not.

Also, if they are so completely broken, it should be relatively easy and simple to get to Rival on all rogue specs. Have you done so? I’d imagine not.


Apply this logic to Havoc DH and people would throw tomatoes to you. Clearly Blizzard thought the class as a whole was overtuned if they nerfed them by 3% ontop of the individual PvP nerfs.

not sure why are you complaining of rogue nerfs if your 3 specs are at the top

What percentage of the community raids? I genuinely don’t know. Personally, I dislike raiding quite a bit. Why is this the only metric you provided? How are they in mythic plus? Not representation, actual numbers. I feel I do well but I am not even close to the numbers WWs and DHs are pulling. Hunters and locks are pretty even with us. Arcane and enhance are insane. I trust in the current process, but it’s always the same thing. I would like to see every class have the potential to be at the top based on skill. I play rogue, maybe dabble with an alt. So it doesn’t matter. I’ll play it no matter what but makes getting group’s pretty rough.

Over nerfed? They more nerft, they own the bracket and butchered everyone in the ladder, PVP talking now, idk if you refer to PVE, but in PVP they need a nerf

Good plus lol lmao


Rogues get the top by a small margin for one week and the nurfs roll in immediatly lol


Say what you want, but gutting exsanguinate, nerfing resounding clarity, AND nerfing Deathmark is absolutely ridiculous when you have havocs and fury running around pressing 3 buttons murdering people… Havoc has more survivability/damage than rogue and only got a slap on the wrist, but assassination gets pancaked by the nerf bulldozer??

Sub in PvP is not the same as Assassination in PvP. You’re not getting combo’d in a single cheap shot from someone playing assassination. Ever. Sad day to be a rogue…


Assassination was completely underwhelming all of SL now there finally viable, and we get nerfed? Then feral bleeds and poisons don’t get touched I’m sick of the crybabies getting us nerfed. This needs to end now. revert the changes now. end of story. Assassination is finally good or at least it was. Now we get to go through another xpac with us getting the nerf bat right away. Just leave it alone, there’s no reason to get nerfed at all no one has gear yet. Assassination will 100% be garbage now thank you, all you crybaby plebs.


azz is so azz anyways…boring spec. But agreed stop the rogue nerfs.

i don’t pvp yet, so i cannot really comment in this thread with much weight to my words.

however, in terms of casual world pve, i do think rogues now need some help in the dodge/leech department. the nerf to leeching poison seems like it wasn’t necessary. i reckon it hurt rogues the most when solo fighting elites or groups, not pvp.

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Soothing darkness still heals you plenty in pve, it will probably depend on your spec but most of the changed were directed at pvp.