RNG for Rank 4 Essences (Unbound Force, Worldvein, Purification Protocol)

Hey All,

I’ve been working my tail off to get the Feat of Strength listed below in which you get all rank 4 essences. It comes with a nifty title “Azeroth’s Champion”.

Fortunately, I have been able to obtain all except 2 of them. Those 2 I am missing are the Unbound Force and the Worldvein essence. The Unbound Force essence is an RNG drop from the (alliance) Ankoan Waveblade reputation paragon box and the Worldvein comes from an RNG mission from the Mysterious Treasure map from completing the island weekly.

So, I have completed the weekly requirement for the Treasure Map every single week. Without any luck, I am still without the Rank 4 essence. Also, I have earned 17 different paragon boxes from Waveblade Ankoan (alliance Nazjatar reputation). I have gotten nothing besides gold and war resources.

I know it will sound selfish saying this, but is anybody else experience “crap” RNG with essences? I would think that anyone who has been playing every day since the patch released would surely have the RNG essences by now, right? Wrong.

I have put in a ticket to the GMs to see if there was a bug or if the items were possibly deleted or lost. The GM recommended I go to the forums to see if the community was in the same mindset as me with how low the RNG Rank 4 essence drops actually are.

I am just tired of doing the Weekly Battle for Nazjatar, Daily Summons from the Depths, All the Nazjatar WQ’s, all normal WQ with Ankoan contract up, Mardiva’s Lab, Emissary, etc. just for a lousy reward (17 paragon boxes!!). The Worldvein essence you can only get once a week no matter what you do, and that is pretty lame to not have it by now either.

All in all, I was just seeing if my frustration can me empathized with others in the community. An easy fix would be to increase the drop chance (after all it is “only” a cosmetic upgrade).

What are your thoughts?


It is just cosmetic so it’s not really hurting you for not getting lucky. With that said, if they’re going away, they definitely shouldn’t be tied behind a harsh RNG. I haven’t seen any official word but I have a feeling they’ll be canked in 9.0.


I’ve done the island weekly on my 2 chars since I was eligible to receive the last worldvein map and I still don’t have it either (many weeks). The RNG on it is absolutely stupid.

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Meanwhile i got my rank 4 ert and well of existence from my first paragon box from each faction

I’ve opened about 20 paragon chests in Nazjatar and still haven’t seen the Unbound Force Rank 4 (or the mount). Granted, that’s across two separate characters. Since essences aren’t account wide, even if you leveraged multiple characters and did see Rank 4 drop, if it wasn’t on the right character it’d do you no good barring Blizzard at some later stage making Rank 4 available account wide if any character obtained it.

It’s ridiculous that bad luck protection isn’t attached to paragon chest collectibles, given that it’s a 10k rep grind per box.

Nazjatar’s about the worst paragon chest to be unlucky with too. They don’t even get mission board rep tokens you can send your followers after for passive rep gains through the week. Every bit of rep has to be earned through grinding that zone (and the rate of rep even goes down after your unshackled / ankoan followers max out).

Crappy RNG design hurts anyone who’s engaged with a part of the game effected by it. Just because something doesn’t impact how much DPS a person puts out, doesn’t mean their gameplay experience isn’t hurt by it, and often hurt significantly.


I realize that the rank 4’s by themselves are only cosmetic. However, the Feat of Strength + Title will be extremely rare and I have earned all the objective ones besides the stupid RNG items. I dunno - it just sucks I guess. Another idea would be to allow players to turn in manapearls for reputation tokens similar to the rustbolt reputation lockbox you can craft. This would at least ease the pain and give me something to dump my 3000+ manapearls into… :slight_smile:


I am working on my 23rd turn-in for Rustbolt trying to get the Existence Vibrancy Display. It’s extremely frustrating. I would much rather grind a large number of crates and oscillators for a guaranteed reward rather than this “random” chance that does not appear to have bad luck protection.

And some would say, “it’s fine, it’s just cosmetic.” But…

October 16, 2019


  • Increased the chances for someone who does not have a Rank 4 Condensed Life-Force (Essence) to loot it from Queen Azshara (Mythic difficulty).
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This whole game has layers upon layers of RNG.

Just keep paying them to keep you rolling more and more casino dice.


This is probably going to be the hardest achievement ever put into this game. Possibly even harder than The Insane. The sheer number of RNG layers and PvP grinding…it’s going to be very rare to see anyone with this achievement.


You know, the really sad thing is that because of the nature of RNG, somewhere out there there are going to be two people, where one guy will have gotten their RNG items on like the first boxes they opened of the various factions, and the other guy will have ended up spending countless hours grinding it and just never got it.

I’d really love to know which developer looked at this thing and said, “guys, you know what we should add on top of the peak PvE and PvP tasks? A lot of RNG.”


I know someone who got the Waveblade one almost right away so that one is in the game or at least was.

I only have one more for the rustbolt mount and it comes from the paragon cache and all I have gotten is gold and resources for that one so I understand the frustration but oh well you really just need to keep trying. You got all the hard ones done, this is just a matter of waiting.

No, you don’t get to make one easier because you don’t like it.

My thoughts are that those aren’t that bad, as the content is easy. The rng rank 4 that definitely shouldn’t be rng is the one that comes from mythic queen azshara.


Another point is that of all those Rank 4 essences, I hope we can all agree that the “most difficult” ones are the 2.4 in arena and the Mythic Azshara ones. I find it absurd for someone who has achieved the most difficult ones but will not get the Feat of Strength due to stupid RNG. BLP, increased drop chances, “purchasable” rep items like you can get with Rustbolt, etc. can definitely help with the process. I appreciate all your feedback as I honestly feel like its a completely bogus system.


you know I didnt even know that there was a title for getting all rank 4 essences.

the thought of getting some of them rank 3 seems very annoying to deal with due to RNG.

I suspect this is going to end into another “you were there on BFA so others can see what you did” and be removed in 9.0.

but like you said… RNG. To me RNG made this expansion worse than already was for me… (unsubbed on 8.1 I recently comeback 2 weeks ago)

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I haven’t checked the new essences coming next patch, but since the achievement requires having all the essences of a given role, I would think the next patch means you’ll have an additional requirement or two added to the mix too (don’t know how hard those are, or if RNG is part of those also).

It’d be nice if Blizzard actually could detail what their future plans are for these things when they implement them. I can’t imagine that they don’t actually plan this stuff out fully during the design phase for how they’ll handle the end of the expansion and what will / won’t go away and still be available. It seems like it would be such an incompetent thing to not plan for that, and it would allow players to plan out their own activities in response.

I completely agree with you Torvald and Xyrtran. Like I said before, the drop chances are incredibly too low for being a Feat of Strength in which you have a limited time to get. Assume you are only able to achieve something within 9 months and you literally do every single thing possible in the game to earn it, but don’t even get it… Now think of that thing being something as small as an RNG essence…

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When I first heard about the FoS a while back I was tempted to chase it, but I personally found that it’s not worth it. Sure, it would be a cool title to have, but personally not worth all the grinding and rng imo. Also, with so many titles and feats out there I feel like they aren’t as special as they used to. Good luck to you. If you do get it be sure to post :smiley:

The only way you won’t get this is if you quit trying. If you are a quitter then yes the world is as it should be.

Not that it really matters but where is your source for this being time limited. I looked on wowhead and I can’t see anything that says this.

RNG is RNG. It’s been how many years since they put the headless horseman’s mount in the game? I STILL don’t have it and I run it with a minimum of 14 qualifying characters per year, every day during the event.

You don’t always get what you want, when you want it.

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