Ritual of Doom Is BACK!

I just summoned one on the PTR.

  • It spawns uncontrolled, then after a few seconds it automatically becomes enslaved (didn’t have to cast the spell).

  • It’s a guardian, so I was able to have an imp out alongside it.

  • Its doombolt was hitting for ~50% of what my imps firebolt hit for. (basically nothing, and that seems to be it’s only usable ability)

  • It’s pretty much useless in it’s current state.

  • I want curse of recklessness back!


The thing with divine intervention (the old one of killing yourself to take someone out of combat) had alot of issues with it where raid encounters needed to be designed around the fact of using it as a cheese strat like with the 1st boss of BWL.

Because of the past issues thats why they took it out.

One other thing to keep in mind, what we see on the Beta is a few days/weeks behind what the devs have made, they are usually 1 to 3 builds ahead of what we see on the Beta.

DPS/HPS tuning is the last thing before launch that happens. So hopefully it will do some more dmg in future beta builds.

I know there’s a lot of nostalgia surrounding this old ability but to be honest i was never a fan of needing so many people just to use one of my abilities :man_shrugging:

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I too summoned one on the PTR and this did not happen.

For many its working at first and then cannot resummon

Exactly, so it should be left useless

ROD wasn’t there yesterday lol

No, leave it a meme flavor useless ability.

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Its just the warlock life, need people to help summon others etc.

This can be explained by the hotfixes that actively occur etc.

The doombolt is a simple numbers tuning, which occurs later on towards launch candidates. Also shouldn’t take too long to change where its just changing percent of spellpower.

I just can’t wrap my head around why you are so against this. In a few weeks warlocks are probably going to get a broad patch update like ferals did today.

Also its not that much of a waste of time where they can bring the code for it from classic and easily use it as a skeleton, saving time from doing it from scratch.

It’s a 15 minute ability on a 1 hour cooldown that kills a party member that participates that can break the enslavement and attack a party member.

If it does useless damage, then we aren’t balanced with the Doomguard taken into consideration and it’s breaking from the enslavement doesn’t risk a wipe.

If it does Truck Damage, warlocks WILL be balanced around it and all our other abilities will get nerfed, and if it breaks enslavement it risks a wipe.

Think like five seconds about the design impact lmao

Leave it useless like Corruption is for Demo and Destro on beta and ptr. An unpruned flavor meme ability that will be unused in any gameplay.


I like how when other class like Rogue got Premed back, Warlock get an useless ability and locks are cheering for it.


People wanted this back???


And there it is, the anti fun police.

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Just because its in your spell book doesn’t mean you need to use it in your rotation. Rets have shield of the righteous available to them, that doesn’t mean they should equip a shield and 1-hander to use it in their rotation.

I cant stress this enough, if its not useful for your spec you don’t need to use it! Just like Blood DK’s Death’s Caress, only time its ever useful is for a ranged pull if your death grip is on CD.

Thats really what Baalsamael is seeming like right now. Its a fun flavor ability.

He’s the kind of guy who probably QQ’s when he’s wrecked by a shaman thunderstorming him off a cliff.

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And dont forget monks ring of peace. (might have gotten that ability wrong haven’t played monk in 2 years).

All those niché abilities that if wielded by smart players, can cheese a fight.

I literally said fine leave it in but leave it a useless meme flavor ability that does zero damage like corruption does outside of aff lmao

Otherwise it’ll gimp warlock overall damage for the other 45 minutes

Shadowlands has now become the best expansion. Moonguard’s Goldshire, I’m coming for you with my lock

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I can imagine the fun locks will have with this in bgs.

Return everything to them except Metamorphosis, because warlocks are not willing to sacrifice nothing to become a demon!

Are they bringing Corruption back for all specs? Why the heck aren’t they making it do damage?

I’d rather have both. I still want to murder people with my “new summoning stone.”

Yes, welcome to Warlocks and what we got in The Great Unpruning lmao