Ritual of Doom Is BACK!

Similar - One of the 5 players on the ritual dies for it to be completed. It only really works on either new players or people who have no idea how Ritual of Doom works.

If it doesn’t require a talent, and if the minion persisted through the keystone insert, maybe it could see use as a pre-dungeon start strat? Like Meta before insert? But it does seem dicey - although that seems as though it’s peak warlock class theme! Power with painful possibilities.

Finally! I’m really excited about this. It’s an iconic Warlock ability that should have never left the game.

It would be cool too if the power of the demon intensified based on the number of sacrifices.


It’s always cool to get abilities, but as others have said it doesn’t really have any real uses. Sure keep the ability idc go ahead it will sit in my spellbook, but also maybe give us

Demonic speak
Stables or more pet glyphs
Make other pets actually useful besides felhound

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Useful changes that have impact on my modern day in-combat gameplay > BuT My VaNiLLa NoSTaLGia


I might be missing something, but is pressing Enslave Demon mid-fight really that much of a hassle?

For PVP, yes you die.

For PVE, yes because all the Castle Nathria encounters are extremely high mobility if you watch the beta streams. So if this thing hits like a truck and decides to rebel at a bad moment, it’ll kill someone and that may lead to a wipe. If it does negligible damage, this will 100% only be used to grief lowbies.

Haven’t really used enslave demon since legion, but doesn’t it not work if target gets hit by a player?

I guess it’s neat to have back. I’d rather get my legion pets back :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like something fixed by having someone just make sure it stays under control. If it rebels, either re-enslave or just banish it.

Nah Enslave Demon works on a mob being attacked by party members. Banish too. Is that what you’re asking?

That would be the warlock, and would require casting the 3 second spell mid-encounter in either case.

No I used to enslave those massive infernals near Suramar city, but if they were hit by any player they would become invalid targets.

Banish is 1.5 seconds and gives you more breathing room.

But then you are playing a Demo warlock with no demon.

oh well it needs to be a valid target, but so far from testing Ritual of Doom in PTR the doomguard can be hit by other players and it remains enslaveable

And thus gimping us if it hits like a truck since it would need to be factored it when tuning DPS numbers

so its better if its a useless meme ability that nobody will use in any content whether solo world content or mythic/raid/pvp

Doomguard on PTR Live is not functioning as a guardian demon, yes, but it’s supposed to be.

But my thing is that’s a waste of time and resources.

Are you sure it’s a bug? Hasn’t Enslave Demon always replaced your active demon?

TBF I haven’t used enslave demon much since BC. Those big Dreadlords and Shivarra were awesome fun to send into the other sides base in Hellfire.

The Blue Post states it’s supposed to be a Guardian Demon

Key word: supposed to be

ergo my “waste of time fixing this” sentiment

Derp on my part, you don’t cast enslave on it now.

This summons a hostile Doomguard that soon becomes automatically subjugated as an additional guardian pet for the Warlock

On PTR/Beta you do enslave at the moment.

Which requires dev time to fix.

Which is a waste of resources because making it useful means being balanced around it.

So let it hit like a noodle and only provide meme flavor, and move on.

Off topic but found in that link:

Soulfire is now a 4 second cast. Damage increased from 100% spell power to 300% spell power. 1 minute cooldown. Causes your next Incinerate to be instant cast and generates 1 Soul Shard.

  • Developers’ notes: This spell hadn’t found a niche as an additional short cast time spell. It returns to a 4-second cast time, serving as a pre-pull opener spell to kick-start your damage.

Seems odd that they designed a spell to be a pre-pull cast when things like pre-potting were ditched with the new potion cooldowns.