Ritual of Doom Is BACK!

If we are five weeks from the start of the quarter where SL will launch it means we are in the tail-end

This is not happening and you know it.

Literally the easiest solution.

Don’t remind me, every demon does different damage lmao

Or just give Felguard a pummel if they want it wrapped up in Felguard


But it’s not. It only interrupts those who can’t be stunned. Which is bosses only. So useless in mythic plus still.

I didn’t finish reading

Yes, that would be better. Remove the travel time and make it an actual interrupt. I agree with that


IMO tail end is when its 1 month from launch. It will launch in Q4 but that means it could launch all the way in December because its still Q4 then.

You seem to be acting like Shadowlands is being released in September which it most likely won’t be. We probably wont see pre-patch till Mid October.

Probably did this to try and appeal to Classic players to play retail. They’re bringing back a lot of classic type spells/abilities. Time played metrics.

Nether portal also needs to spawn demons based on AMOUNT of shards spent. Not just every time you spend shards. Hog sb hog sb spam isn’t fun


That’s in 2 months.

8 weeks.

We are closer to that than when Shadowlands was announced.

Time is short.

Time is limited.

Imagine that a design that makes sense.

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Don’t know what people are complaing about soul stone the healer and boom rez the sacrafice

If they made doomguard baseline, every spec would have a valid interrupt and awesome demon to use, even for demo… they would just need to change the FG talents to work for every demon. Fix nether portal. Add DG baseline… happy warlocks… no?

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You also have different teams working on different aspects of the game. The class design people aren’t developing raids/dungeons etc. They are only working on Classes.

It really does. We probably will see more class changes next week. They have been doing some minor changes to some classes while doing major changes to other classes/specs like Feral and Shadow.

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I’m really tired of warlocks getting crapped on man. Doing good damage doesn’t make the class good or fun… yes afflic and destro are currently the top dps in beta… doesn’t mean they can’t use work. Affliction wants the dark glare gone, destro’s toolkit is a bit Boring, demo is just a mess


do it in goldshire in moonguard lol

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Moonguard Goldshire is in dire need of purging!

I haven’t given up hope yet. Just a bit disappointed. I wanted more meaningful changes first before adding something like ROD

That’s always been the case, time remains limited, because each change comes with a lot of complexity under the hood of WoW. It’s an improper waste of time when more changes are needed.

Same :v:

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Ya it seems every week or so 2 to 3 classes gets a long page of changes while most others gets a few changes, then the next cycle other classes get some large changes etc. We probably will have some major warlock changes in a few weeks to address certain things.

But my point remains, its awesome to have RoD again and it should stay.

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It’s fine if it stays. But it’s concerning if blizzard considers this a meaningful change. If all the feedback is being overlooked for this change, I think it’s a reason to be concerned. I’m not against adding it back, but I think other changes should have taken priority. And maybe we will still get them

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the pugs i’ve been in had enough trouble getting a summoning portal working so I dunno how a 5 person doomguard death roulette’d ever get used, honestly. either it’s so powerful it’s a chore to cast every wipe, or it’s a weak flavor ability with no actual use.

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Its more of a fun flavor full ability. I know I’m going to be using it during raid night during our 5 min break time with a few other locks.

I don’t think anybody had any plans to use Curse of Recklessness anyway. Tongues, Weakness and Exhaustion are all we need. Curse of Weakness is going to be broken on boss fights.

I’ve never played with Ritual of Doom. Is this kind of like the lock equivalent of the mage Ancient Dalaran portal? I mean in terms of shenanigans

Speaking of classic spells, wtb Divine Intervention for a paladin-applied shadowmeld/vanish