<Risen Anarchy> | 6 HRS | Tues/Thurs 5:30PM-8:30PM PST | Recruiting for S4 & TWW

Hey there everyone! Risen Anarchy is a “new” old guild on Sargeras!

We are currently looking for ranged DPS. So if you pew pew, then we’ll love yew!

We have been around since the start of TBC on Lightbringer, and recently moved to Sargeras to rejoin old members and close friends who continued to play. The friendship bonds that were created through our guild culture and adventures persisted stronger than a raid flask. We hope to build new friendships while fortifying the existing ones.

We have a unique mix of players of those that have recently come back, and those who continued to play at a high level (AOTC, KSM, KSH, etc.). So it is a great opportunity for those who have recently come back and want to experience content with us returners while being helped by our veterans. We were all seasoned raiders that pushed progression back in the day. But now our main focus is to be a N-S-R-G: Non-sweaty-Social-Raiding-Guild.

We are looking to have people running mythic plus, pvp, and weekly raids. Our goal coming late into this expansion is to warm up to Awakened Normals then move to Awakened Heroics on a Tuesday & Thursday (7:30PM CST - 10:30PM CST). We have been actively running Mythic 0 - 4 to gear up new guildies, while our veteran raiders are pushing higher keys.

We are also trying to build up our activity in our Discord like how we were on old guild vBulletin forums (yes…we’ve been around for awhile). So we do guild giveaways and look to starting mythic + team tournaments for prizes.

Ultimate main focus is to hit the ground running when TWW launches and push for AOTC and KSM+.

We hope you come join us to have fun and cause some anarchy on Sargeras!

You can reach me at:

Bnet - Tyronious#1742
Discord - Tyronious88

added on discord

We are in need of ranged deeps!