Ripcord, essentially pulled

I’m so happy I don’t follow ability garbage on beta.

There is no nerf when it hasn’t been released and in my hands.

It has been a good beta, with good back and forth on the Beta forums. Blizzard has been vocal and provided frequent updates on how things were progressing.

They just didn’t cave on the Ripcord thing, even though it cost them a lot of dev time, and it’s going to ship in the state most Beta testers report as unfun : it’s going to create a meta and Right/Wrong choices of Covenants.

And you and I both know everyone’s going to do the EXACT same thing with a lesser degree of power gain.

The whole “Customize the way your character plays” thing is an absolute farce in a reward-based game with your best rewards locked behind difficult content.


… … …

:sob: Dangit why do you have to be so right?!

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Should have just let us freely swap between them. Oh well.

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That’s not what #PullTheRipcord was about though… :confused: :sweat_smile:

Did you even read the #PullTheRipcord thread before deciding your against it?

Nerfing the abilities doesn’t solve our want or at least not mine.

Nerfing the abilities is just Blizzard taking the easy way out, since the system doesn’t work they go and nerf everything to the ground instead.

Just like BFA & Legion, cause Blizzard never learns.


Blizzard pulling the ripcord reminds me of.


Well I’m putting 2020 in the dumpster, lighting it and pushing it off a cliff.


No… You’re telling me they designed an awful system that was never going to work as originally envisioned?

Also ripcorders wanted them to be swappable so they COULD be interesting but Blizzard stuck to their guns and nerfed everything cool about the system. Blame Blizzard, not the folks pointing out their bad ideas.


I always felt that Blizzard thought people would be fine just making multiple characters and use them instead of swapping covenents/rolls.


Balance isn’t always a good thing though.

Just look at 4th edition DnD: They succeeded at balancing everything and it was a soulless mess that got smashed by the more unbalanced competition.

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God forbid we get to join the covenants we want instead of what the top DPS one is by 30% right?


Because having buttons added to our hotbars that are a flat DPS loss or not even worth pressing is so much better. :roll_eyes:


I mean yeah. The best thing to do would be to keep the interesting abilities at full power. Letting you pick what you wanted, outside of your covenant choice. But this is Blizzard so you’ll get a crappy option that nobody asked for that is more complicated and takes more work to do than to just do what 99% of the population asked for.

See: PvP vendors returning, Essences being account wide, Corruption vendor, legion legendary vendor(implemented way too late too), etc.


I hope the casuals never leave. Ever.

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The overall game is okay. But why settle for okey instead of raising our voice and telling them we’re unhappy with the current decisions they plan on implementing?

Also if you think me not contributing my 15 dollars will at all change the direction of a multi billion dollar conglomerate, you’re little deluded. Consumer action only ever works on mass scales, so pretty much most of the playerbased would need to stop giving them money to have any effect.

Right now in reality, the best way to show disappointment with direction is to speak up about it. As much as possible.


They will only pull it cause they can’t fix it… don’t be fooled by “” we are listing to you “” Blizzard don’t anything if they don’t have too.

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As it should be imo.

I’m still of the mind of the Legendaries being class restricted / weapon type restricted. I really don’t mind more effort being poured into the Legendaries to actually FEEL legendary. Rather than…