RIP Devastation

Since Augmentation released no one is going to play devastation again,I know I won’t.

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I’ll still play devastation if we have an augment evoker already in the group.

Sure doubling up is ok but eh. lol

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Depends on who I was running with. If the other dps in my group have similar or better gear and do decent damage then I’d go Aug. If they aren’t as geared or don’t play all that well, then I’d just do Dev cuz there’s no reason to buff bad damage.


Exactly this. If I am doing the most dps on devastation, then it’d be a net loss to switch to augmentation and vice versa. I like having this option to play based on my party and raid composition.


I am loving these posts. One says Aug is OP, another says it’s unplayable. I feel so bad for devs that have to put up with this community lol.


Lol, this is just yet another “X dps spec is strong, rip other Y dps spec cause no one will play it” post. They’ve been happening since wow released and are literally always wrong. There’s many reasons to play both specs, but I guess we can’t expect someone who would make a one sentence forum post to actually put thought into anything.

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This 100x.

I usually top damage as devastation and the only logs that have Augmentation evokers doing comparable damage is when they are buffing DPS that are doing 120k+ on their own.

If you’re topping the damage meters as Devastation, there is absolutely no reason to even bother playing Augmentation. Augmentation is made specifically for players who don’t feel confident playing either Devastation or Preservation, and it’s more so about making your team pick up the slack while doing Tank levels of DPS yourself. But if you’re playing with bad players, Augmentation isn’t going to help with that at all, and all you’re effectively doing is sacrificing a DPS slot.

From what i gather right now it’s pretty bleh in raids and great in M+.

Likely due to the fact that ebon might is 40% better when in a small group.

I’m fine wtih Aug not contributing as much damage to the group as devastation, because Aug has a lot of other utility that makes it a safer pick for progression. Could use a damage bump for raids as far as i’ve seen on the logs, but other than that it doesn’t need a super great group damage contribution.

That or remove close as clutchmates, that seems pointless.


increase the number of targets hit by ebon might in raids. Its 40% weaker in raid but hits 2-3x more people.

subcreation data seems to confirm this.

People tend to forget that devastation is one of the top-performing specs right now and having one in your group only makes the augmentation evoker stronger. In fact, devastation is one of the best specs augmentation could buff right now.

The choice isn’t between an augmentation or devastation evoker. They aren’t fighting for spots with each other.

Looking at Warcraft logs just backs up my statement , look at how many aug parses over devastation

No it doesn’t lmao. It’s a new spec mid-expansion, of course everyone is trying it out. Give it a few weeks and it will normalize.

I still prefer devestation in 5 man content because I always run into situations where dps dies. Doesn’t do the augmentation spec any justice if your dps is down.

Raiding is a different story though. Will be at the mercy of tuning.

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The idea of one spec making another obsolete due to performance is always silly. If you’re just going to chase the best output then there’s basically one viable spec at a given moment, with a few extras slipping in due to buffs for that one spec. That being said I do think Augmentation and Devastation have too similar of a playstyle.

The extension chasing and the cadence of the goes feel very, very samey; the primary difference being how much attention an auvoker needs to pay to allied CDs. Big two minute go with breath into buff into empowered spells into extension chase, and then micro goes every 30 seconds. In PvP especially it feels very similar since devokers already play a lot of supportive defense.

Devastation is the one I would change though. The cooldown-focused and extension-chasing playstyle makes 100x more sense for a buffer spec. Dev was here first but their shared aspects just suit Augmentation better. I would distinguish them by moving Devastation in a different direction.

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How well did my post age?

Devastation is still fun and doing fine.

There are classes with massively larger performance disparity across their DPS specs.

Devastation is still a great spec. Being overshadowed by aug, yes, but still in a great spot, at least as far as damage contributions go.

What devastation needs is a defensive group utility that aug doesn’t bring, and just better innate defense against magic, and maybe a passive shield that procs or builds up as you deal damage. It has some of the worst defense in the game right now, while aug is the opposite. On top of that, aug has the ability to share.

Here’s the death statistics for mythic, heroic isn’t very much better.

I looked at Warcraft logs yes some people are still playing Devastation but nowhere near the amount of Augs. So I kinda was right.