Righteous Fury

I noticed on my Paladin friend he has improved Righteous Fury giving 30% more threat.

When he puts it on it only states 60%.

Without improved Righteous Fury a Paladin has 60% with improved it should 90%.

Righteous Fury . Increases the threat generated by your Holy attacks by 60%. Lasts 30 min. Increases the threat generated by your Holy attacks by 60%.

I can link talent if you need.

Please fix it. Ty

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This is the case with the buff display for Paladin blessings that have been improved by talents as well. I suspect it may be working-as-designed, or not important enough to fix.

I suspect the effect is being applied correctly, as I’m pretty sure improved blessings are working correctly.

Did some test in LBRS it’s only 60%.
With on 18.5k tps without 11.8k to 12k tps.

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You have to post logs for numerical data, otherwise its not validation. It’s people talking.

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I don’t have post nothing. Blizzard should go and check it out. I don’t get paid to post my results. If blizzard paid me I would.

Blizzard has no reason to prioritize nor fix at all without reason to believe its broken. You just saying it is means nothing. If i have to check tens of thousands of bugs. I am not gonna check the threat mechanic on the hybrid pretend tank spec anywhere near top 90%.

If I am a customer. I said it’s broken.

You can pick the talent it gives 90% threat and buff yourself with it and it will show 60% clearly indication something is wrong. At first I thought maybe it still works but just the visual is off.

So, went into LBRS killed war whoever troll guy 10 to 15 times same set up priest, pally, and mage. Time killed the same. Paladin used Righteous Fury half of the time and other half not. Tps kept reading same out come.

If you f worked in a supermarket and I told u someone puked in lane 4. Do you want f pictures?

Do your dam job.


I’m assuming the threat meter values are from your client. Is that right?
If so, then it’s likely that what your client sees is different from what your friend’s client sees.

Ask your friend to run a threat meter in the same fight, and compare results. I suspect his threat meter will show more threat.

I imagine that if your client doesn’t get the info on the spell correctly, then it also won’t factor it correctly into the threat calculations used in your threat meter.
Not having checked at all, I would guess that threat meters gather combat log data for attacks, and then calculate the threat based on built-in spell details. Which may not include the talented stuff, because that doesn’t seem to get communicated between clients.

The best way to get a developer to look into a bug is to do as much research as you can on your own, and then provide that clearly. If you want something fixed, that is.

My guess is that this is a display bug (tooltip being incorrect), combined with a combat log limitation on applying talented RF multipliers.

First I would fix the obvious issue it reads 60% off the client when it should state 90%. Then dive deeper. This is not my job nor do I get paid for it. I pay to play for a working service. Yet the visual is clearly off.

If I sold you a shovel and said it was new and worked perfectly but u see dirt around the metal end and wear/tear on the handle. Should I have it test with my own time or money? Or I guess I could just assume you lied about the first statement but clearly you’re telling the truth on the 2nd?

Or I could of said the shovel component was sold with 90% stainless steel but on the pressed letters on the metal end says 60% stainless steel. Should I as the customer go through the time to find out it’s 90% or should the business conduct test/fix issue and give feedback??? Hmmmm…

Yeah, I think the display bug is annoying. As a paladin, before I realized what was happening, I was constantly overwriting other paladin buffs because I thought they were using the untalented version.

The actual buff effect was correct, though, so gameplay wasn’t impacted otherwise.

I suspect that the RF buff display and manifestation in threat meters is the same thing, and so it should also have no impact on gameplay.
Proving that it isn’t working correctly is difficult because you need to track the combat log and do the threat math yourself without relying on addons, and verify that someone else takes aggro much earlier than the talented RF should have allowed.
It’s a lot of work, and unfortunately that falls on you. You have to prove the incorrect behavior. That’s always how this works.

As far as paying for this, I think of WoW retail as having the subscription, and WoW classic being a freebie attached to said subscription. It’s harder to complain about something you get for free :slight_smile:

I did not get it for free, I bought vanilla WoW in the beginning. So, I look at it as they returned an old product I originally was using before the changes.

Now with visual issues that fall on me to see if it works by a combat log… WoW. Great business practice.

It’s amazing they save money from not fixing an issue that visually is there but have others find it for them. Which in turn is usually not done and problem persists. Yet nothing is done.

I don’t play the Paladin my bro does.
You know what do I care after classic I am done with blizzard. Meh.

Why even bother posting in the forums then?

I mean, fair enough that you think there may be a bug, and don’t care enough to reference some of the other reports on the same thing, you’re right, it’s not your job. :smiley:

Here are some other threads on Righteous Fury and/or Paladin Threat, for reference:

I don’t care anymore, visual it is broken.

What else is? Don’t care. Not worth my time. Said what I had to say. If they don’t fix, they don’t fix it. No big deal it is what is now.

I am giving the company a chance. They still have time. Before I depart phase 6 +6months to a year.

When I do it’s ok they have other customers. Look at T-Mobile in Europe they are doing ok. My disputes with them in 2016 didn’t phase them.

EA is doing ok my dispute with them in 2019 didn’t phase them. They just lost a customer is all for the next 30yrs and maybe a few others for 80yrs. Meh it’s life and business.

The (currently leveling) guild I’m in recently decided to kick a few people, and make it explicit that discriminatory language based on religion, race, sexual preference is not appropriate for guild chat, and will not be tolerated.

It isn’t always worth making concessions for everybody.

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Ill make sure to buy enough store mounts to make up for your lose of game time.

IDK man, I’m a Prot Paladin, MT for my guild, and I have Imp Righteous Fury and it works perfectly fine. Tooltip and all, states 90% extra threat from Holy.

I saw weirdo issues with tooltips back around launch, with some spells not updating when I put new ranks on the bar, or increasing in damage by 1 or 2 points.

Logging out and back in (fully closing WoW) fixed it for me. Granted, that was for SoR, not Righteous Fury, but could be a similar issue.

Working fine, as far as I can tell…