Paladin threat bugged

Was running Zul’Farrak and Blackrock Depths with a pally tank all night, he was rocking on big pulls with no one pulling any threat off him. After resetting BRD and going back in he pulled the first pack of mobs and they ran right through his consecrate and started beating on the group, this happened with every single pack after that, nothing had changed between the first run and this one except his threat generation just evaporated, even as the highest person on DPS.

This same thing also happened a few days ago to another pally tank in my guild also running BRD, he had done many runs before his threat generation vanished randomly.


Stupid question, did he have righteous fury on?


Yes, he even removed it and put it back on to see if it was causing the problem, but nope. Party members also had salv on.
It felt like none of his attacks were generating any kind of threat at all, as the smallest of actions from anyone else pulled agro where in the previous runs this never happened.

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I am the Prot Paladin being referenced here. I have some stream footage i am going to go back over but i have run dungeons nearly exclusively from level 20 to 52 and never had threat issues. Last night suddenly after a successful BRD run the next one i couldnt hang onto anything.

I was pulling 300 DPS AOE and first tick of blizzard was ripping off of me. We even tried to wait 3-4 seconds of steady 300 DPS and first tick of blizzard ripped off me again.

I am not sure EXACTLY the problem yet but i will be reviewing stream footage and looking into it a bit more.


I’m going to piggyback on this thread and mention to the devs to fix Reckoning so that it actually works! It’s a complete waste of a deep 5/5 prot talent as it is.

I made a similiar post. Were you judging Crusader and swapping to Seal of the Righteous? Because i could not hold ANY aggro when I did. I can only just use Righteous and nothing else. If i do Judge Crusader, mobs behave exactly how you’re describing.

Yes! I do not see the extra swings from my reckoning on my Miks scrolling battle text not sure if its working correctly as well.

In these situations with big AOE packs i do not judge crusader i typically only judge crusader on bosses where i was also having an issue with.

However yesterday i did a full BRD run and had 0 issues, the conclusion i and other prot paladins in the discord im in came to it may have been a righteous fury bug but i am not 100% certain on that. After maintenance everything seemed to be working normal again. (Threat wise anyway)

We have actually been experiencing this same issue over the last few days. Paladin tank can’t hold threat on anything.

Do you consecrate before getting in combat ? the way threat works before getting in combat is really wierd. If you put healing over time effect on someone before the fight, they get the aggro for it.

I have pally tanked on private servers for years, the issue im describing is not what you are asking me here.

As i noted in my previous post when i was having this issue i was gaining threat, holding for 3-5 seconds with no one doing anything and losing it on the first tick of blizzard (We even tried rank 1).

Even if someone gets healing aggro like that retaining threat is very easy, even just activating holy shield can put them back on me. What me and some other pally tanks surmised is that it may be putting us and the DPS on 2 different threat tables or it is resetting randomly.

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what i meant was if consecrate is used before getting in combat it might not be doing aggro.

HoTs on a player give the threat to the player and not the healer when cast before fight just for clarity

Consecrate doesnt generate threat on the cast so it wouldnt matter either way. It doesnt actually generate threat instantly it takes a second before it ticks.

HoTs also generate threat on tick.

The paladin threat buff is being overwritten with a per buffm i saw same thing.

I truthfully am not trying to be rude and appreciate your input but you are totally missing the point of the post. It’s not a matter of me not understanding what generates threat. We tested it in multiple scenarios with different variables.

Given i have not had this problem since the day this post was made i could assume maybe it was noticed and taken care of. If anything else happens ill be sure to update here with my findings.

Something tells me this might be the culprit

with a what ?

I want to post on this thread because was seeing something similar, I couldn’t pull threat from a ret paladin 6 levels below me who was using a one hander+shield without fury. I was using fury, full judge and consec. wonder if this could been related or just normal at lower levels ?

sorry i know this thread is old but , was your issue ever resolved? i used to have no problem holding ago but since a few days ago now as a 60 i am having lvl 50’warlocks pull agro from me after 1 shadow bolt. Not to mention the issues im having in higher level dungeons. Ive been looking but no one seems to be talking about the issue and i dont know if it is because no one is playing prot paly or what.

can you elaborate? sorry im late to the forum but i recently have lost all ability to hold threat even when running lobies though big aoe pull dungeons and i cant find a consensus on whats going wrong

That does sound like a bug with Righteous Fury since it is effecting all of your threat and not just effecting 1 ability’s threat. Next time it happens try and relog and see if it helps, beyond that Blizzard might look into it in a few years…