Right now Classic on a pvp server is unplayable

December 10th! You still doubting cow!?

It’s not for Christmas for good marketing?

It counts cow!

It would have counted if they said they’re releasing AV for Christmas.

Dude…no one can release ON christmas - someone has to press the button and make sure things dont explode. I’d never ask my staff to stay on christmas…that’s just cold.

I think it might even be illegal in some places.

They don’t mention Christmas at all.

They do specifically talk about wPvP, probably referring to the untenable wPvP environment on imbalanced realms:

Merry Christmas Fam!

sure you can, in true vanilla it was fine, servers were rather fairly balanced, i never had an issue in vanilla days, i cant take a boat, go anywhere near BRM, EPL, WPL, the crator, or anywhere else high level, even in groups, because the massive 20+ horde raids, took 1hr 20min to get into UBRS last night as a priest.


Agree. Blizzard screwed it up by introducing honor without battlegrounds. They failed to manage lopsided servers. They get more lopsided as the minority faction logs out or plays elsewhere. If you go to Wintersporing, on my server you will not get out. The Flightplan, graveyard and town are all camped. The story is the same in Tanaris. You’re paying $15/month to play ghost simulator. Watching the other faction do in an hour what takes your faction a week, if you can actually do it. Cue in the usual idiots that will be brave with their insults behind their keyboards. Blizzard think that i’ll continue to subscribe to play retail. I will return to a free server where these issues do not exist.


Because watching the other faction do in 1 hour what you cant get done in a week and paying $15/mth for it is fun right! Because watching someone pay $15/mth only to camp their body, graveyard and flight plan is fun isnt it. How dumb do you have to be to say what you said and not realise that people will log out and just play a free server. They wont reroll on a PVE server! They wont pay to transfer as an answer to what Blizzard failed to manage. The lopsided PVP server ends up PVE for one and Ghost simulator for the other after level 30. Lopsided servers are getting worse, more frequent and its broken with no new content and rewarding one faction to continue to do the only thing left in game for them. Sure its fun now but the server dies eventually.


i’ve spent the last 8 weeks getting from 1 - 59 (I started late) and since honor has come out, i’ve gotten 7 bars in. literally impossible to level anywhere without being dead for 50%+ of the time.
Say what ever you like, but many people are raising the same issues about unbalanced factions, and they will just unsub, like I am about to do until BGs are out - and hopefully its better then… otherwise, bye bye again WoW.


You make a good point, but please use sentences.

ya im quitting for a bit,its unplayable

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Yup…I remember this quite well. Played Alliance mid Vanilla, getting camped everywhere for 10-15 minutes at a time before I logged a different toon was just part of the game…BUT I KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN AGAIN…So I rolled Horde this time.

you are level 60. Being level 50 and ganked by 5 level 60’s is NOT wpvp.

I have no prob playing, just you, you joined the pvp server knowing this will happen, stop blaming other for your actions.

get off horde land and there wont be a problem

Going to flag this post since it’s basically spam at this point.

Try leveling in dungeons or during early morning hours in the world.

Leveling has always been tough on pvp servers, and right now it’s even worse then it was in 2005 due to the high populations.

You asked for this when you rolled on a PVP server. This is why PVP servers exist in the first place.