Right Click Report - Not Going Away

Like I thought, your issue is with Blizzard’s rules. If you want them to change their rules or remove the option to report CoC violations, then you should open a thread suggesting that.

how to fix this is simple really.

  1. remove auto squelch on all but the new option in the menu of rightclicking “real money trade” or “gold selling”.

  2. heavily punish those who abuse the option “gold selling” or “real money trade” to get someone auto squelched who wasnt partaking in that.

  3. have reports that wouldve resulted in being squelched go to a priority queue for gm review.

those 3 things would get rid of most of the gripes with the system but not all.


The problem with the rules is - they’re constantly moving the posts, even if that was the issue.

I learned more in Barrens Chat than my Reproductive Education class back in the day - nobody got banned for that.

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Can we just both agree you’ve went in circles and have no rational argument?

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No. No, we cannot.

You’re purposely being obtuse and anyone can see that.

The point is, quite simply, it should be easier to /ignore someone, than to try and get them banned. Period. Full-stop.

Rules should be enforced if systems to mitigate the problem have been bypassed. Period. Full-stop.

I don’t see what’s so hard for you to understand the concept of: “We have an ignore list for a reason. Use. It.”


What is the issue with the RCR system? Is it the potential for abuse or is it the fact that CoC violations can be and are encouraged by Blizzard to be reported?

The existence of the ignore list is not a free pass to break the CoC. Your problem is with Blizzard’s rules.

Blizzard disagrees. Period. Full-stop.

It is not broken, despite the less than a handful of people in this thread insisting it is so. It is not broken now, nor has it been broken for the past 10+ years. It will not be broken in classic, except for chronic offenders who cannot self moderate themselves in public places.

It is fine as it is.

Seeing as only GMs have the power to ban, I’m not sure what your point is. Nobody is forcing you to do things that would get you banned.

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RCR has auto silence component. That will kill classic since it can be abused to harass people.

Giving admin powers to every group will kill classic, and Its a huge change. We asked blizzard for one thing… no changes. And they can’t even get that right.


Most public places in real life have an expected code of conduct regarding what is considered appropriate to say. And just ignoring someone is not considered an acceptable response to everything, you might be asked to leave or actually shut up.

So yeah if you get RCR’d chances are you deserved it and maybe next time think a little before you spout off in a public channel.

Ignore is for people you don’t like/don’t want to hear from but aren’t necessarily breaking any rules. Report is a legitimate response to someone who is breaking the rules, however.

heh . it is broken when it pertains to classic due to how much more of an impact it will be when someone gets modded falsely.

honest question though, do you want moral busy bodies telling you and everyone else what is acceptable and having the power to actually mod you when their delicate sensibilities are in any way hurt?

i sure dont.


Doesn’t really bother me because I’m never going out of my way to be a jerk or intentionally troll or whatnot.

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meh its like comedy nowadays . nobody wants to preform on college campuses anymore cause of the joke police being in full force.

comedy is meant to be edgy sometimes.

so is chat in a mmorpg.

being in a safe space where non of your ideas or assumptions are put into question leads to stale coddled people that lack in the ability to process stress and adversity.

ahh well . if it turns out to be that i know i wont and alot of other people wont stay long.


No one is obligated to hear what anyone else has to say.

I agree with you somewhat in that folks should be allowed to speak or perform wherever, but at the same time the freedom goes both ways and no one is required to go visit and hear that person. If a famous political figure wants to speak at a campus, they should be able to, and the folks who don’t like them don’t need to attend if they don’t want to, for example.

(And for the record both sides have been victims of this)

Likewise in WoW chat, you can say that telling someone to kill themselves is just “free speech” but the target is not obligated or required to sit there and tolerate it.


The saddest part of this entire issue is that the self righteous moral police absolutely DO NOT CARE that they will cause massive unsubs and destroy Classic. In fact, I think their hidden agenda is TO destroy Classic.

They are all retail fanboys trying to subvert Classic any way possible. And blizzard supports them because blizzard really wishes classic was not a necessary evil they were forced to make to protect their IP.


real life threats are clearly not indicative of what im talking about here.

to your point though , using the ignore function is peoples way of “turning them off” or “not attending” their conversation.

it is both easier and as long as you want it to be and totally in your control when you want it to end.

whereas the rcr ignore is until you log back on and the person can assault your eyes again and you would have to make the effort of rcr them again.

deciding for yourself is one thing. deciding for other people is the problem.


Ignore and report are two different things with two different functions. If I don’t like what someone is saying, I can ignore them. If someone is legitimately breaking rules (real life threats, gold spamming, blatant hate speech) report is a perfectly fine way to go.

Will a few over-sensitive people use RCR for someone saying little things like “TRUMP NATION” or “I watch TYT”? Probably. But I doubt they are the majority and even if a silence results from the reporting, I would hope Blizzard would investigate and punish those who abused the feature.


To me it just means that it will be far more effective cutting down on idiocy in public channels. It will make those who intentionally act like tools actually put thought into whether their edge/spam/politics is worth the risk.

I am cool with blizzards trust that we can help babysit those with no self control. This tool would have been great to have in vanilla.

I do not play MMOs to “process” the stress and adversity of idiots.

Yes you will, you and a lot of other people like yourself just won’t be visible in public chat for long.