Ridiculous queues, please stop transferring here

For those looking to transfer onto a server with a “healthy” population, be warned that our peak times (from 4 PST to about 9 PST) now have up to a 4 hour queue every night. Despite that, we are still experiencing an influx of server transfers rushing here and driving those times even higher. It has become a real burden for guild raids. FWIW, these queues have been climbing again since BWL release, well before COVID-19.

Please stop transferring here, there is no more room. :frowning: We started at launch with 8-9 hour queues, I don’t understand why Blizz hasn’t instituted population caps for mega servers like Whitemane.

Edit: Queue went even higher last night. If Blizz won’t stop incoming transfers, can y’all at least open up free outgoing transfers again? This is going to start killing guilds again if the situation doesn’t improve.


there was a 1000 person queue at 1:30 am est last night. this server is a hot mess.

Bump - our queues really are terrible


As a person who recently moved here I think the server is well worth the waiting to get in. I can’t understand why it’s a problem just log in and go do something else.

spoilers: we dont want you here.

Queue is currently 4.5 hours (273 minutes, 3191 people) at 4:30 PM to play on Whitemane partly thanks to people using that logic. There are plenty of other well populated servers you could have gone to without displacing the people who’ve been here since day one. Can’t blame the players though since this is Blizzard’s fault for not capping full realms.

Spoiler your self importance doesn’t matter to me or others. We all pay the same amount if you don’t like it transfer or re-roll else where.

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Well I am happy being part of the server and dealing with the wait. I’ve always thought it strange to bring up being on a server first literally means nothing.

on the bright side, the horde on this server solve the issue of random level 24 alliance rerolls on whitemane pretty quickly.

Not a chance you self important priest I leveled a alliance warrior on stalagg that makes me the hardest of the hardcore.

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thanks for the resume, we’ll keep it on file.

You pop in here waving your own transfer in our face like you DGAF that transfers along with quarantine are quickly making the server unplayable. I bring up being here first because our 80+ guild members (and guilds like ours) have made ties to the server over the last 7 months; that’s part of what made it so great to begin with. So it’s unfair for me as a GM to try and uproot my guild to another server, because our members are also loyal to the Whitemane community beyond just the guild. Telling us to eff off and transfer from the community we helped create is pretty rude.

This thread wasn’t directed at people who’ve already dogpiled on top of our full server, just at the ones who are thinking about it but don’t realize that it’s quickly becoming impossible to even log in. My request was meant to benefit everyone, including you since you’re already stuck in the 6 hour queues with us. No need to be so nasty. It’s pretty thoughtless to encourage more dog piling onto Whitemane when our guilds are already struggling to have 40 man raids due to people working, having families, having queue disconnects, etc. We should not have to queue 4+ hours before raid to make it on time.


And telling other players they are not welcome or we don’t want you is not rude? The fact people who come here are doing so because it’s a large server this server works great for night owls like me.

I told people the server is full. Which it is. And you clearly DGAF because you’re a night owl and aren’t affected by any of this, at least not to the degree most of the population is (including possible transfers who prob don’t want to be stuck with 6 hour queues for 90 days). Have some empathy, these potential transfers have better options that will actually allow them to play the game they’re paying for.

My sympathies about Stalagg though :confused: I saw videos showing how horde raids permanently took over ironforge on your server. People suck.


I would like to transfer off of Whitemane but I ain’t paying for that, game isn’t that important to me. But if they offered it I would be gone. Only reason I am here is friends where here but stopped playing on the server and made new toons elsewhere and I was just too dedicated and not looking to start over. So I am stuck here by myself now looking to leave.

People didn’t just start transferring here all of a sudden. Most of people on the server are all trying to get on at the same time is what the problem is. Your plea is pointless, dumb, and futile. If anything, you should be calling on Blizz to upgrade their server hardware so it can actually support all of the accounts made on the server. If their server can’t handle 20k people being online at once, it shouldn’t be allowing that many accounts to be made in the first place. That’s the real problem.

Stop whining about transfers during a viral pandemic. Everyone is at home and trying to log on at once. Maybe you should get off the server and go outside for some sunshine. Might do your salty attitude some good as well.

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Servers handling 20k people online at once is not the obstacle. They announced that they’d cap concurrent players months before launch. Layering provided a very effective means to handle a higher server cap without affecting QoL in game (10 people camping a node, etc). I understand that layering and server caps are separate, but the former provides a very obvious solution when you’re seeking to raise the latter. So I’m not sure where this “server hardware” argument comes from (you’re not the first to suggest it as the real issue), because the purpose of server caps is to protect the economy and, as I mentioned, QoL since players railed against layering as not vanilla-like. Server caps on concurrent players always existed.

I explicitly acknowledged that the pandemic is contributing to these queues as well. But Whitemane’s queues have been climbing since mid-February, about a month before stay at home orders started going out. This information is also coming directly from new guilds on our server who happily shared that each one brought dozens of players from dead realms in hopes of finding a better play experience. The info is also reflected in data harvested from warcraftlogs. Blizzard should not have allowed that to happen if they planned to stick to their guns on layering.

There’s also no need to make personal attacks. I have kept my tone respectful in bringing these grievances to the forums. These queues are really hurting guild raids, which are an integral part of many people’s Classic experience.

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Raiding guilds do not take pestilence over other players of any kind. They opened up a free transfer option for anyone who is having these issues so the door is open.

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People arent transferring here if you were on here since launch we had 10 hour qs back then. Its mainly just the Quarantine and everyone is back on loggin