Revert the layer changes ASAP

Its week 2 of release people went back to work which means less people on during the day which means less layers which means more competetion for mobs.

As someone was upset at the falling prices of saronite, this makes me happy. less layers means less minerals and mining, meaning more expensive sells.


Except people probably collected a surplus to sell

Surplus will run dry, panic buying is a thing.

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Come to pagle ill buy it

I never thought I’d sat this, but T-Shirt Gnome was correct in what they said.

I’ll do what I want. Thanks for you input.





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So what u want is a single player mode on wow?

Why are you triggered by how other people play? Mind your business.

Because is the same MULTI-PLAYER game and you are posting on a public forum,…

Didnt dig a hole, you just didnt understand what i was saying

Loving the reduced layers on skyfury. Lots of juicy world pvp finally.

Wait what happened? I just got home from work.

What they could be seeing is one layer has something up people want. and its their layer.

So say hi to the new neighbors, lol.

Before I left grobb the most common /4 chatter besides gdkp was layer invite chatter.

what layer has objective ready to flip? then people asking to go to that layer.

Here you go, 27 days ago:

I logged in this morning to layer 4…

So I dunno…


This has me all kinds of excited and you have no idea.

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