Returning to the Game, and Looking for a Home!

Hey Wyrmrest Accord!

I’m an old player, returning to the game after an extended hiatus.

I’ve finally reached a neat point in my life wherein dedicating a healthy portent of my energy back in to the game we all love is suddenly something I feel galvanized toward again.

I’ve been out of the game since early Legion, but have been an otherwise avid player since the tail end of The Burning Crusade.

In that time I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Wyrmrest Accord – mostly to scratch my roleplaying fix – but am now looking to the server for a new home.

My primary interest is the get back in to the swing of things, first and foremost: to take my time leveling my new main, meet new people, and cultivate an in-game sense of home. Whether or not I reach the upper echelon of raiding here on WrA is neither here nor there, insofar as BFA is concerned.

I am interested in finding a group of dedicated players willing to take me on in preparation for Shadowlands. I’ve every intention to, once the next expansion hits, hit the game at full speed, with an eye toward heroic/mythic progression.

I’m a ranged dps/healer at heart, and am looking to either roll a druid/priest/shaman to fill that flex.

I’m glad to sit down for interviews, etc. in order to find the right fit. : )

Outside of raiding, I do enjoy roleplay an awful lot, and if there’s any guilds who have managed to find a median between engaging, character based roleplay, and a heart for serious progression, I’d love to hear from you!

I’m currently rolling Horde, but would be glad to hear from guilds of either faction. : )

Please comment here, or send mail Horde-side to Neyoma.

Best ~



Welcome back to the game!

We’ve got quite a handful guilds getting active as of late, especially in preparation for 8.3 and eventually Shadowlands. Here’s a sampling of the Horde guilds. You did mentioned you were rolling Horde at the moment, despite the Dwarf avatar.

I know < hug > is looking to focus on raid and mythic dungeon content. So is < Life>. And < Daydreamers >. Just peruse the forum posts and you’ll find lots of Horde guilds that also at least dabble in progression content.

And if you decide that the Horde isn’t for you, there’s also Alliance guilds like < The Fortyseventh >


Hi Arthera,

The Vol’kar Legion is filled with folks that have been around since the dawn of (warcraft) time. This past year alone, with the release of Classic, we have discovered a newfound passion for retail that wasn’t felt before. We have several Hands of A’dal, Obsidian Slayers, and Immortal title holders.

Without going on too much of a tangent, we have attempted to cultivate a corner of this server to do everything that you have explained. RP is our first and foremost focus, but we love the game for what it is, not just the story. We have achieved AoTC of every single tier since Archimonde in WoD. (sans-KJ, with his gamebreaking difficulties). We have attempted to enter Mythic, but it seems that life and circumstance just really stonewalled us. We are keenly interested in finding more folks to fill the empty slots with the recent toll that 8.2/8.2.5 has taken on us. Those classes that you have listed are what we’d love to have.

Our storylines make use of DiceMaster and a system created by a former guild member that has graciously introduced us to it. Over the past two years, we have rapidly changed how we write our stories and engage in RP. It is a mix of WoW and traditional DnD - without the hullabuloo of character sheets, goofy stats, or broken DM numbers.

Here’s hoping this didn’t come off too much as a “resume” dissertation. If we’re not what you’re looking for, I hope my example gives you enough hope in finding that home. There are -many- guilds that combine content and RP in a wonderful mix.

I hope we hear from you soon!

god i typed hope so many darn times at the end there

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Thanks guys!! The new Horde Guild Directory link is actually the one below!

Welcome to WrA!

Thanks for the shoutout, Tamanii! The 47th will gladly be there to provide a home to all Horde refugees. :wink:

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