Returning player looking for a guild

Hey Sargeras!

I’m a returning player, looking for a casual, fun, family oriented guild to join.

I will be releveling either a Ele/Resto Shaman, a Ret/Holy Pally, Unholy DK or a Surv Hunter. I have a newborn on the way so I will only have time to work on one. I will also be working on Enchanting, Cooking and either Mining or Skinning for my Professions.

I would like to get into raiding. I was 4/10 Normal CN when I played last. I want to grow as a player and be part of a team.

My availability is Monday-Friday 6pm-10pm PST. Weekends I am on here and there but I wont be able to commit to weekend raids.

Hey, are you still looking for a guild? :slight_smile: