Returning player and this is the worst vanilla experience i have experienced in recent years

As i always type pages with text i will keep it simple to make it more readable.

About myself:

I started classic when it launched as most other people that came from other servers as i was hyped to relive the wow experience with finally a proper wow dev team with actual good support behind it.

The game was absolutely lovely in the first few weeks but lacked content which made me quit for a while until the servers would catch up on content.

Recently i joined the game again as i got some time left again to see what’s up and start to maybe level a new alt and play with my 2 left over buddy’s that still played the game out of our 15 people group that mostly play games together.

And frankly i was shocked at the state of current classic. At the lack of attention from blizzard. It’s so bad that frankly its by far the worst vanilla experience i have had in recent years. I am absolute shocked at the current state of it and frankly not sure if its worth to continou my journey at this point on blizzard servers.

I will explain why.


Incredible unbalanced populations on many servers to the point its unplayable. my horde character sits on a server that is 90% alliance and 10% horde ro something like that, the server population is probably 1/4th of top servers on top of it that makes it pretty much entirely dead on that side.

The only thing u see in the chat in prime time is people beggging in general chat for free migrations because there is nothing to do or discussing other options like leaving blizzard servers.

It’s absolute disgusting blizzard isn’t monitoring there servers and migrate populations for free or merge servers that have population issue’s. U would expect when u pay for somthing the company keeps track of players experiences and provide good and stable servers with balanced populations. But they simple don’t care.

My horde realm is so bad, i would classify it as dead and unplayable.

Myh alliance however is more active as it still has some population but even that feels kinda dead. The population of the server isn’t the best. From multiple layers at the start with lots of people towards a single layer barely scraping by. U will see the same people over and over again in the chat in the world as far as that still is populated. It’s only a matter of time before this server is probably also on its last legs which makes investment into it kinda pointless at this point.

Content is dead.

Anything under level 50 is simple non existent. Nobody levels alts anymore because of boosts, i could count actual groups being formed in a single hand in the last 2 weeks i have been playing this game on prime times. Why bother forming a group spend 2 hours in deadmines when a guy boosts you for a single gold in 10 minutes through it?

U have level 50 people with level 10-20 gear because all they do is stand afk in dungeons to get boosted optimal. I have guildies that have pretty much every class boosted without gear at all because why not? no need to level.

Wasn’t that the whole thing about vanilla? overworld and leveling and pvp etc and partying? well that’s no longer the case now. and this is where we get to the next point.

Exploits to the end of the earth

I have never seen in my life so much abuse of mechanics openly advertised by lots of channels without bans or addressing the exploits in my life in a mmo. U see mages glitch out dungeons entirely to the point all content is trivial. I leveled a 42 mage which i had on my alliance side in 6 hours in zf to 54.

let me repeat that 12 levels in 6 hours. While watching a movie and made 500g doing so. The next day i was close to 60 if not 60 when i got boosted through zg because a guidly was farming it and made enough money to boost his still needing to be created warlock to 60 in a matter of days without doing anything.

I have never seen so much glitches / exploits being abused without bans or warnings or being fixed. It completely kills the vanilla experience. Youtube is riddled with it with guides, twitch has streamers that do nothing else and make guides etc and nothing gets done about it? What a joke. I remember in real vanilla stuff like this was hot patched and accounts got banned the moment they found out unless u reported the exploit.

Botters oh the botters

Go to ZG stand infront of the instance, u see people fly into the intance. u see legions of mages standing there with names like “sdasdfd” because they don’t even hide or care for it. They will stand there and walk into instances for weeks on end before they get banned. Injecting huge amounts of gold into the market. It’s laughable. Yet blizzard doesn’t care. I saw bots on private server be culled way way way faster then what blizzard does and they do it for free on top of it.

No gold sync

The gold sync right now is boosting alts, because what else to spend your gold on? there is nothing there. U can’t buy tokens, lots of gold injected into the market beause of exploit farming to no end. hell my 2 friends have 10-20k gold each. While in real vanilla people barely had 1k gold to start with. I got like 2k gold from one of my mates to buy boosts to 60 when i returned to the server. he didn’t even care because he farmed that stuff in a day back anyway.

Introduce tokens into classic would make things a lot more interesting to be honest. we all know most of the people in vanilla don’t pay game time they buy tokens on the current main wow game and play classic for free because of it. It’s hypocritical to not allow the same to happen the other way around because the paid fee for people just interested in classic is hurting the community more then not if you would ask me.

Server migration.

I already discussed this earlier a bit. it’s absolute disgusting how they ask 25 bucks for a single char let alone if you got multiple characters on a realm that is completely and utterly death + ask 12-15 bucks for a month fee with it to play the game. No wonder people leave, in what year does blizzard think they are living where u can get services like gamepass for 10 bucks with 100’s of games each month. U still on top of it have to pay the price for there newest expansion to play the wow official servers of there new wow game.

Give free migrations from any server that is dead or fuse them together like u did back in the day anyway. My vanilla server got merged with another server when i played back in the day because populations where down to unplayable levels. yet crickets from blizzard.

Real vanilla experience dont adress any of the exploits but do put new limitations in?

Like what am i supposed to think about this? U don’t want to adress the exploits because “not real vanilla i guess” yet u have no problems adding extra stuff like more bag space and 30 instance cap that didn’t exist in real vanilla because reasons?

I could only say, the whole classic project is mismanaged to the core and honestly u guys don’t even try to hide it. This is straight up undefendable.

30 instance cap is absolutely devastating or ferals which i end up being.

Why do i even bother still when blizzard clearly doesn’t care about its own product.

Honestly i feel like this whole classic project has been a disaster, the only talk within my friend circle at this point which plays vanilla already for years on all kinds of servers is maybe TBC things will be better. Everybody have given up on classic. the mis management is so bad, that it killed the game completely for many people. It almost feels like blizzard simple deserted the game by dropping it and calling it a day. absolute zero effort.

I stand in stormwind looking at the chat and all i see is wtb boost, wts boosts there is nothing to do really other then solo instances for cash or get boosted besides a few raids u can do every x day that u just tag along and get free gear from.

I have 12 days left on my subscription and frankly i don’t think the current experience is worth another 12 bucks if it doesn’t drastically changes within this time period which i don’t see happening at all.

Why do we even pay exactly again? to have the worst vanilla experience i ever encountered?

honestly it doesn’t seem like paying money for something like this is helping the quality of it. While probably most people already play it for free anyway through tokens from official servers, its a hard pill to take when they ask the price they ask each month for absolute zero effort to show for it. It’s sad really.

So what should change to make vanilla great again?

At this point i would suggest a reboot of classic entirely with new servers with far more aggressive moderation on the servers and fixes to exploits / bugs that prevent people from exploited the content in such a way it kills vanilla. Much like what they did back in real vanilla.

Far more aggressive monitoring of realms to keep populations in check basically standard things u would expect from a company u pay money towards. Sadly for blizzard that’s not so standard these days anymore.


i made this post because honestly maybe it will wake up some blizzard employee’s or higher ups. not letting your voice be heard is simple no chance at getting change. So there you go.

For me frankly its to late already, i gave classic my last chance and frankly i don’t see drastical changes happening anytime soon because the company simple doesn’t seem to care anymore about there products like they used too. The current pricing is straight up criminal for what this is currently. they ask after all 156 bucks for a year of gametime for a 15 year old game that is deserted on top of it, let that sink in for a second.

Unless drastical changes happen, i won’t be returning and frankly i probably won’t be returning anyway.

So this post really is for people that still play the game and will be playing the game after me leaving in the hope it improves for them.

But with the huge amounts of boosts / gold exploits and ecenomic gold injections withotu a whipe or a complete new server its honestly to late and frankly i don’t think blizzard cares anymore like they used too when it comes to wow. So yea have fun guys.


there needs to be a tldr. Most of the issues you have brought up are by players. Its not up to Blizzard to dictate how you play the game as it is open ended allowing players to act how they will. This is an issue with players today. The reason it doesnt feel like vanilla is becuase vanilla had ALOT less players and the people who were playing are 15 years older now and most do not play WoW as even myself I play other mmorpg’s that are more RPG and fun instead of min/max farming :slight_smile: People cannot blame Blizzard on this one as players buying gold causing farmers, blowing through known content, and wanting players to min/max everything in the game has done exactly what you dont like.

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The name of your toon confirms your whiny rant.

It’s gold. Thank you.


Do you want it to sync with your retail gold?

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i read it all - and really - it sounds like classic wow just isn’t for you and that’s fine. Some people play for fun, they don’t really care what other people are doing.

if you had a good guild and good set of friends - most your problems wouldn’t be a problem imo.

If you have no one to really play with on the regular - mmo’s in general are kinda meh.


OP is talking about something that eats excess gold so the server isn’t just flooded raising the prices on everything — mounts in general were a decent gold sync back in the day

i think private servers have aided in figuring out super efficient gold farms - and we see it in classic wow of course.

The server i played on in classic had a horde pop only slightly more unbalanced than this. While I don’t necessarily think merges are out of the question this isn’t inaccurate.

Yes, that will happen on an underpopulated server.

Farming dungeons to level quickly and watching youtube guides (many of which are awful tbh) is not an ‘exploit’.

Yeah. Sucks. Private servers had them too.

Farming gold in dungeons is, again, not an “exploit”. Also, congratulations, there indeed isn’t much of a gold sink beyond epic mounts and consumables, an accurate recreation of the classic experience.

Yes, Blizzard is going to create a miserable situation and get you to pay to get out of it. Yay capitalism.

There is no singular “real vanilla experience”. You can’t go back to 2005. It’s time to accept what the game was and move on.

LOL, you’re going to cry about mages farming dungeons for levels/money (something they did in classic, a lot) but insist that ferals doing 60 stealth runs a day is okay? Weird.

Your biggest problem seems to be people playing the game in a way that displeases you. Farming dungeons is the easiest and most efficient way to level up, and people will always seek out those solutions in these types of games. Slowly killing mobs one-by-one in STV so you can spend 6 hours bumbling through Scarlet Monastery from 35-36 isn’t how people play the game anymore. Get over it.

You pay because it’s a server and they charge for you to play on it. Pretty simple.

GMs didn’t “aggressively moderate” mages farming dungeons in classic.

“People aren’t playing the game the way I remember it being played. Something MUST be wrong with the game.”

Not a convincing point.


I think you watch streams to much and u go off others word of mouth.

the people complaining about boosting culture are always the same people getting boosted, ive noticed. dont like it? DONT DO IT

i would never recommend boosting a character to 60, unless maybe if you have extensive experience playing that class. too many spells to learn, and it’s a hassle to become exposed to them all at once at lvl 60.

im a class leader, and every now and then one of my guildies will boost a priest alt 1-60, then whisper me: “which spells should i use?” i roll my eyes everytime.

Classic WoW just needs a proper support team to do a full sweep cleanup. Players know Blizz is spending $0 on Classic and are taking advantage of the system through exploits, bots, etc, which inhibits the full experience for traditional players. Their once every 3 month fixes are too slow (and aren’t even fixes).


I agree…this is honestly the worst.

I got through half of the OP before I stopped…

Honestly, what I read seems like legit concerns.

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This would be all well and fine if it didn’t affect others. As OP mentioned, anything below 50 is a struggle to find groups for because so few are leveling in a way that actually requires a group. I certainly remember a struggle for certain dungeons in vanilla, but never to this extreme.

What would Socialism do as it pertains to the game? Force Blizzard to give free services?

Questing for awhile isnt the end of the world. the only ppl dungeon cleaving 1-60 were doing so on release. you know, when OP decided to stop playing because there “wasn’t enough content” (wtf does that even mean when you havent reached lvl 60 yet? not enough 60 mages around to boost your lazy butt? not enough solo ZF mage lvling guides?)

you reap what you sow. i have an alt that has no problem finding Deadmines and SM runs. maybe not on demand, but if your attention span is that short, perhaps try a different game?

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I think y’all are talking about a gold sink.


lol - mistakes were made thrice

More like force us to play Wow as the only game Since it was owned at that point by the government, then still charge use for server access, but at triple the price.


Yeah I was reading that too, and couldn’t figure out what they meant by “Not enough content” and “Nothing to do”. If your just leveling the normal way from 1-60 there’s plenty to do. If you take advantage of all the cheap shortcuts then yeah you’ll get bored.

Same thing happened in classic. people cheesed mechanics to cap, then got bored and left. Fine with me, I’m happy just plugging along at my own rate, just like I was in Vanilla. I wasn’t even 60 when TBC hit, think I was 48 on my rogue, and I stopped her to start a draeni shaman. Never even noticed that ZF existed because I wasn’t playing it.

Don’t like cheese mechanics existing in the game? then DON’T USE THEM. They are not necessary to enjoy the game. But they will make you bored fast.